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Eliminate debt. Become Sovereign.

redemption manual 4th edition

Redemption Manual

We NO LONGER Offer This. We NO LONGER Offer ANYTHING “Redemption Manual” or related. We seriously recommend that you AVOID It. More on this soon…

matrix cd

Redemption Service Matrix Toolkit

POWER PACKED!… with the most Advanced UCC Redemption related Tools EVER – not available anywhere else! This Package is your Road map to prevail in ALL that you do in your new sovereign capacity as the empowered Sovereign you are about to become.

matric two cd

Redemption Service Matrix II Toolkit

Our Powerful new 2022 Release and new Addition to our Original “Matrix” Disc!

Announcing our Powerful New 2022 Matrix II Toolkit
That Enables, Empowers and Transforms You as You Operate in the World now and… for Life!

ucc bond

Secured Private Title Bond Process

Formerly known as our “Advanced Secured Party Creditor Process” or “Advanced SPC Process.” Far more advanced than just any secured party creditor process. We go a number of steps further with the Secured Private Title Bond Process®. 

nuclear firestorm

Foreclosure Annihilation

Foreclosure? Mortgage?
Are You Too Busy Fighting A Foreclosure or Paying On A Mortgage To Actually Save Your Property AND Your Money??
Using A Lawyer May Be Dangerous To Your Wealth. Want To Beat The Banks At Their Own Game and Save your Property and your Finances in doing so? 

strategic exit advanced release



on ultra empowerment master class

Ultra Empowerment Master Class

For our Insiders, our POWERFUL training to elevate you and your entire Future.
UEMC is all about taking your evolution with us to that whole new level. Various Areas are covered. Think Empowerment, Transformation, Growth and Expansion!

The Redemption Services Logo

Private Express Strategic Trust

IRS PEST (Irrevocable Redemption Service Private Express Strategic Trust).
The ULTIMATE Trust !!  Banking Secrets the IRS and Banks Don’t Want Revealed.
Despite the absolute “POWER” of Your DEBTOR After your Transformation through the Secured Private Title Bond Process… You’ll STILL want to move EVERYTHING over into and Operate from THIS Most Awesome, Most Powerful, Rock-Solid “Dynamic” Trust. (and Why?)