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America’s #1 UCC/Redemption Service, Secured Party Creditor, & Sovereignty Source!

The Redemption Service is a private membership organization. Only Members can contact and communicate with us, via telephone or email, and order our tools, products and services from us. Membership is FREE, is available through application only, and each application is subject to approval. More information on obtaining membership can be found HERE.

Originally, a few of our members were deeply involved in the patriot movement as far back as the early 90’s and have, to this day, quite an extensive history in law study and experience with court judicial procedure and unconventional courtroom tactics. We were the VERY FIRST EVER to appear online providing the tools and services – thus, “Redemption Service” (that you see here) that we make available to our members (that you now see, today, so many others now attempting to ‘imitate‘ us, who and what we are, all of what we make available today that we began making available in 2006 for the first time ever online). Prior to our appearing online in July, 2006, we actually first appeared online in 2005 – as the Cracking The Code Webstore.

We are STILL the Premier #1 “Resource” with the most extensive reach into the area of what we now commonly know as “Redemption.” Thus, we are…”The Redemption Service!”

When we first appeared online in 2005 (as the Cracking The Code Webstore)… back then, there was immediate resistance to us. The Powers that Be and all of their Alphabet Soup gang members did NOT want us making any of this available to You! We experienced opposition, and many other encumbrances that were meant to sabotage our efforts along the way. (Yes… agent provocateurs, through their select defacto alphabet gang agencies, attempted to bring us down on more than one occasion).

Yet, we remained focused, determined and dedicated to overcome. We did not lose sight of the battle, nor did we buckle in the fight. Eventually, through our victories, we proved that we were not going away anytime soon and we are still here and still going strong to this day!

Determined to prevail from day #1, we began to accelerate beyond our original benchmarks much sooner than we originally anticipated as we struggled to overcome the many obstacles, stumbling blocks, deliberate “road-blocks” in our path. We have clearly earned the Title America’s #1 central source for this information and processes. We remain dedicated to this cause, goal and mission of what we named ourselves (“Redemption Service”).

We are located in beautiful Carbondale, Illinois.

The Redemption Service
Post Office Box 3875
Carbondale, Illinois [62902]

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