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A Road Map To Understanding The Present Legal Status of Americans Today

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Study 01: Introduction

As time and history progress, Americans are experiencing the loss of many common things that were once available in plentiful abundance to them. It seems only yesterday America had plenty of high paying jobs, products found on the market shelves were “Made in America,” fuel was plentiful and inexpensive. In schools across the Nation children, under guidance from their teachers, made reference to “God” when they prayed in the school cafeteria before dining or whenever the class pledged allegiance to the American flag “under God!”

Our leaders in government were moral, honest, and ethical. They could be trusted to run our government in a fully responsible manner without threat or worry of misconduct. Americans had very strong family ethics, were very patriotic, and men kept their word.

A man’s entire character and reputation was based upon his word. Everything about him revolved around his honesty and his ability to keep his word. A man’s word had value! Money had “real” value. You could redeem a paper dollar bill at the local bank for either a silver or gold coin depending upon if the paper bill was a silver or gold certificate?

Our entire economy flourished. America seemed to be #1 in EVERYTHING! This country was truly a “Beacon of Light” that shown upon the hopes of most other countries and their populations throughout the rest of the world. America has always been the “Land of the Free!” and the “Home of the Brave!” But just as much so, “The Land of Opportunity!” America was and still is truly Blessed by God!

folded dollar bill

America’s Freedoms are eroding…

All of the above things are changing, and very rapidly! Through the course of events Americans are witnessing a very serious erosion of their freedoms, and we all feel the effects of the economy as abundance depletes into “lack!” People have become enslaved to their own jobs working an average of 10 to 12 grueling hours a day, and sometimes up to 16 (working “Doubles!”); and often 6 or 7 days a week.

All that energy, stress, and wear and tear on people’s minds and body. Yet still unable to keep up with bills and the high costs of living in this land. Our entire economy ripped with debt and inadequacy. Millions upon millions of Americans without any sort of health care simply because they cannot afford it. Our entire educational system and schools in shambles!

The buildings in good repair, and many even very modernistic; yet the academics and academic levels at so low of a level that an average 8th grade final exam from the year 1895 makes our present day 8th grade academics look like that of one great “Special Ed” class for the learning disabled. So bad, that 99+ percent (99+%) of Americans today can’t even recite the Preamble to the Constitution; nor can even explain what the Constitution is? Nor even the Bill of Rights?

To see an 8th grade final exam from the year 1895 click here: 8th grade final exam from Year 1895.

America’s Freedoms are eroding…

Youth conditioned through TV, Radio, and Entertainment to believe that life is about fast money, gangs and guns! American values are at so low of a level that even American Patriotism is dead! A Nation where hardly anyone even goes to the voting booths anymore to even vote. Where people are even “aware” of vast corruption involving their politicians but simply just accept it believing that there is absolutely nothing that they can do about it. People now living their entire lives just for beer and drinking on the weekends, parties, movies, their favorite shows, or hunting and fishing. Their opinions and attitudes so grossly indifferent, and having preoccupations with material accumulations, that they hardly even care what their own politicians do from one day to the next, or what type of House or Senate bills their politicians put before Congress.

If the conditions of this country are not bad enough, there is something even more appalling yet! Despite the course of events and the direction that the Nation seems to have gone and is going, one critical factor applies to it all! It is something that the average person finds very difficult to comprehend. As a topic for conversation it challenges one’s beliefs, education, and conditioning.

Still, no matter how you look at it, or from what angle of view, it is definitely a “reality!” Everything begins to make sense once you’ve come to recognize it for what it is, how it operates, and how it has been operating.

As hard as it is to believe and as shocking as it may be, America’s slow and steady decline has been “deliberately engineered!”

All from behind the scenes, by an extremely powerful “elite” few that are part of, pursuing, and pushing a very specific “agenda!” An agenda that includes an intentional design to attack and break down the moral values and patriotic consciousness of Americans as a Nation.

To dismantle and thus destroy America’s moral purpose as a freedom loving, sovereign Nation of Free People. An agenda that has been working from within our very borders and has been focused sharply upon demoralizing America’s youth so as to break down and “dumbdown” America’s entire population – through indirect manipulation of mass media, Entertainment, and America’s entire public school and public education system.

Their goal is for America’s children to evolve into a demoralized and conditioned generation of youth adopting a wrong and backward value system contrary to our original American ways. Yet, the “ultimate goal” of these elite few, is to eventually strip “ALL PEOPLE” of their sovereignty and sovereign status – via enshrouding them in commercial contract “debt obligations” – subject to enforcement under International Law (International Law Merchant/ “Uniform Commercial Code”) and military police powers established under InternationaL Law (and International Treaties).

To eventually subdue and subject all People and all Nations to their Totalitarian one world government, one world bank, one world court and one world police force. Thus, their “NEW WORLD ORDER” – which will include a completely micro-chipped population.

world map on suit

They exist as a “Society” within society…

These “elite” few hold powerful key positions throughout the world. They exist from within our borders as well as Internationally. Their membership is made up mostly of families of inter-married blood relations, holding actual “RANK” in what is considered an age old society (a “SOCIETY” within our society) with its beginnings extending back “HUNDREDS” of years!

Originating from a combination of several European “Cults” and the original “Royal Classes!” In the late 1700s A.D. this rather bizarre combination became united together under one main organization known as “The Illuminati!” They today own and control vast BILLIONS (TRILLIONS) of dollars of Industry. Practically all of the Fortune 500 companies that exist today are extensions of their powerful economic grip.

They “own” and “control” the Banking, Oil, Railroads, Shipping, Industrial Steel, Military Industrial, Manufacturing, Mines, Pharmaceutical Industry, and the whole entire Media! Not only of America, but throughout most of the entire world!

They also have their hands extended deep into the International drug trade arena.

These inter-married royal bloodline families exist mostly in Europe and the United States. But the influence of their secretive organizations (Their “Masonic” organizations) extends around the globe to practically every corner of every country on the planet, and even includes within their membership such other “elites” as that of Japanese royalty, for example, or Arabic royalty (Such as the “Royal Families,” which includes the bin Laden families), and still many, many “others” across the globe throughout practically every country today, all of which are involved some way or another through these “royal” or semi-secret ties connecting these royal elites on an International level.

Understanding the critical role that the Illuminati have played in advancing their “agenda” throughout history and throughout the world, is essential for gaining a true and complete understanding of what is presently going on and where that agenda is leading Americans and the rest of the world today.

We therefore begin our first chapter with much reference to these bloodline families and their semi-secret organizations that branch from their “Illuminati” hierarchy. We can think of no better of a year to begin this discussion than that of the year 1776 A.D. Therefore, the year 1776 will also serve as our historic timeline “starting point” for this entire Study Guide. From that point in time we will then follow history – especially our American history – all the way up unto the present.

Those already familiar with any particular area of this study guide have the option of skipping any given area and browsing this study guide for parts of interest. As for those unfamiliar, we suggest you continue on from right here at this point just as you are and walk the historic timeline of this study guide chronologically. It will make much more sense for you in the end after you’ve completed the study guide. Therefore, go now to Study 02: Birth of the Illuminati. Click the Study 02 page-link here below and go there now.