Dual Mirror Image Reflections in the Looking Glass
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What if everything that you thought you knew about our present modern-day society turned out to be not quite what it seemed?

Just imagine if one day you awakened to a whole new view of the world, through a whole new completely different set of eyes. You could now see, hear, smell, taste and touch a completely different world surrounding you. A sort of virtual world! A virtual reality! Where everything seems to be the same yet all things tend to have a completely different meaning and value. A looking glass world where everything is just a reflection of your previous world; and practically everything seems to follow a different set of rules.

One moment you were sound at rest in the black and white, and next you awaken to this view of a world streaming in vibrant living color. A “Land beyond the Rainbow!” so to speak.

Now imagine if this world, this “Land” that you could now see before you, imagine if it was so identical to the “real” world from where you originated – that you could not even distinguish the difference between them. In other words, you could no longer tell for sure which side of the mirror you were actually on. Yet, even still, imagine if you suddenly could now see and now knew that all things within this world, “EVERYTHING!” had a commercial value attached to it! Could you then distinguish which side of the mirror you were on? Or which side of the Rainbow? Or Matrix? Or whatever and wherever?

Alas!, but you already know that everything today has commercial value attached to it! So this would not help you much in distinguishing the one world from the other.

But what if you could also now see and knew that everything within your sight had a very “specific” commercial value attached to it? And what if you could also clearly see that this specific commercial value was “attached” through some sort of “serial number”? Suddenly, the OBVIOUS begins to expound upon your reasoning! Suddenly you now see what is ONLY the OBVIOUS!: SERIAL NUMBERS on EVERYTHING!: Dollar bills! Your bank account! Your car (VIN)! Traffic tickets! Even YOURSELF! (Birth Certificates!/ Driver’s license!/ SSN card!). And practically EVERYTHING within your home (ALL household appliances and products); and of course, Credit cards, Loan applications, etc. The list goes on and on….

Now, what if you could also see something else through your newly found sight – your newly aquired knowledge! That is, now that you could definitely determine where you were in relation to the one world from the other.

What if you could further see and now knew that the commercial value – of any given product or thing – was “based upon” its SERIAL NUMBER, and NOT the price tag sticker amount.

That the REAL VALUE of a $20 dollar bill, or $50, or $100, or however much, was based upon the “serial number” on it, and NOT the stated dollar amount. WOW! You say to yourself! Knowing this, and knowing that the $20 dollar bill that you are holding in your hand is NOT worth 20 silver dollars, NOR ANY substance of value. It dawns upon you that the ONLY value of that paper bill can ONLY be connected with the “serial number” printed on it. You realize that the reasons for this are quite obvious! That the same “United States” that printed up those serial number laden dollar bills, is also the SAME “United States” that is currently over “18 TRILLION DOLLARS” IN DEBT! In the Red! Negative balance! Negative account! Overdrawn! Over extended! BANKRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking at the serial number printed on the $20 dollar bill in your hand, now you begin to realize WHY the “real” commercial value stems from the serial number and NOT the actual dollar amount printed on it.

Because the dollar amount on it only indicates the NEGATIVE BALANCE amount (The specific dollar amount “OVERDUE” but “EXTENDED AS CREDIT” AS an impaired, distorted form of “NEGATIVE CREDIT” and a fraction of more than 18 Trillion Dollars of “DEBT”). In other words, “DEBT CREDIT!” And Debt Credit is NO CREDIT, because it’s based upon DEBT! Therefore it is not even credit! It is nothing! Has NO VALUE! And the serial number is the Identification Tag/Number for “inventory” purposes. The “NUMBER” whereby the “CREDITORS” (United States Federal Reserve Bank), that the 18 Trillion Dollar Debt originates from, can track the “collateral” of the 18 Trillion Dollar National Debt that “Washington, D.C.” is subject of!

One Dollar Bill / Front Left-side Seal: Federal Reserve BANK of New York

Despite the United States Federal Reserve Bank asserting claim that “Washington, D.C.” is over 18 Trillion Dollars in Debt to the Federal Reserve Bank, most Americans today fail to realize that the United States Federal Reserve “BANK” is a “PRIVATE” Bank! Fifty years ago this fact was common knowledge among many Americans. It was even taught in school as part of History class. Today, it is no longer even mentioned in school and most Americans are completely oblivious to this once common knowledge. So who owns the Federal Reserve Bank, you ask? No, NOT American Citizens! The Federal Reserve Bank was created through an Act of Congress and came into existence from the “Federal Reserve Act of December 23, 1913.” Created from an Act of Congress; but more-or-less a “HYBRID” (Created through Legislation; but as a Corporation with privately held stock). Eighty-Five percent (85%) of the Stock is held entirely by European International Bankers. These foreign Shareholders/ Owners being entirely European Jewish families:

  • Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
  • Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
  • Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
  • Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam
  • Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
  • Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
  • Chase Manhattan Bank of New York
  • Goldman Sachs Bank of New York

Click here for chart outline of the ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank

These above banking families make up an International Banking Cartel that today holds practically a complete monopoly over all commercial, financial and banking industries of America, as well as a greater part of the World. Many believe that most of their worldwide expansion into the economies of Europe, America and the rest of the world, have been based entirely upon a history of fraudulent activities emanating from within these banking cartel families and involving many historical and political figures on a grand scale.

Well, there you have it! Now you know! Welcome to your whole new set of eyes, and welcome to the Matrix! The dollar amount on that $20 dollar bill is NOT the “real” value; because it can’t possibly be! “Debt” Credit has NO VALUE! Is NO VALUE! As for the serial number. Its value is only a VALUE/ VALUABLE to the “creditors” of the Debt claimed. That is the ONLY commercial value that the serial number has! (That the entire bill has!). But that VALUE is not value for YOU, and is not value to you! It is a commercial “claim” (hold) upon the “COLLATERAL” that the serial number is printed on or attached to. Commercial “VALUE” in the form of a “claim” (Lien). VALUE TO AND ONLY FOR THE ABOVE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS! (Who “OWN” the Federal Reserve).

“Wait a minute!” You say! “How can all of this possibly be?”

Because now this brings into question such things as your property! (Not to mention the property of the whole entire Nation).

Your car, for example! Who really owns it?

Did you pay for it with “Substance?” (silver or gold coin). Or did you EXCHANGE “serial number laden” dollar bills for it?

Because, how can you pay for an item of great value (car) with “Debt?” You can’t! You can ONLY exchange possession (temporary possession) of it. Temporary possession of it until such time as the “Creditors” decide to “foreclose” on the outstanding debt! …And “ALL” PROPERTY that they assert is “collateral” of the Debt that they claim!

Remember this: Having a “Certificate of Title” to your car does NOT “legally” establish “ownership” of that car. Legal wise, a “Certificate of Title” is ONLY a “Certificate” of the Title and NOT the “Title” itself!

Question: Regarding your car: Have you ever “SECURED” the Title through a Commercial Lien? So then, with this all said and done, you’re probably wondering how does all of this effect you? And what does all of this have to do with Discharging debt, stopping foreclosures, repossessions, discharging traffic tickets, or court processes, or anything else? We will gladly answer that, and much, much more for you!

For now, think of a situation as relates to being pulled over by a police officer and written a traffic ticket – for, say, not wearing a seatbelt. Depending upon the individual state, usually a citation of this type calls for payment of about $75 dollars. Unless, of course, you opt to challange the citation in court.

Discharging a Traffic Ticket… discharging a Debt WITH a Debt!

So here you are holding this traffic ticket in your hand. Do you see the “serial number” on it? Of course you do! You also see where on back it demands payment of $75 dollars (Or appear in Court).

What do you do?

Simple: You Discharge the Debt! What is the stated dollar amount of the traffic ticket? What is the “REAL VALUE” of that traffic ticket? Is the “real value” of the traffic ticket somehow based upon the serial number?

If so, and if so in the form of a claim or lien, then what is the amount of the claim or lien? Is the amount of the claim or lien EQUAL TO the dollar amount indicated upon the traffic ticket ($75)? If that amount ($75) is the “indicated value or value amount” of the traffic ticket, and the claim or lien (serial number) is EQUAL (in “real value”) TO the indicated amount of that ticket, then WHEN did that $75 dollar claim or lien come into existence?

Did that claim or lien take effect BEFORE or AFTER you received that specific ticket and serial number? If BEFORE, then what was the TRUE VALUE AMOUNT of that specific ticket BEFORE you were even pulled over? Has there ever been a reported case of anyone stealing or using a police officer’s traffic citation booklet as money to purchase things?

If the traffic ticket had no value BEFORE you were pulled over, then did the $75 dollar value amount come into existence AFTER you received that ticket? If that specific traffic ticket and amount indicated had NO REAL VALUE before you were pulled over, how can it have any real value AFTER you received it? If that specific ticket, therfore, had NO REAL VALUE even after you received it, then is the REAL VALUE actually ONLY with the serial number of that ticket in the form of a claim or lien FOR THE DOLLAR AMOUNT stated upon that ticket?

If the indicated dollar amount stated upon that ticket makes reference to United States Dollars (Federal Reserve Notes); and those dollars are based entirely upon and issue as “DEBT” …then what is the ACTUAL VALUE AMOUNT that the ticket requires to satisfy the payment in demand? If the ACTUAL VALUE AMOUNT in demand is “DEBT” …then can DEBT be “issued” (discharged) as a means to satisfy the demand? If you have $75 dollars in your wallet at the time, can those $75 dollars be used to “discharge” the payment in demand? If those $75 dollars represent NEGATIVE CREDIT (Debt), and they can be used to “discharge” the payment in demand… then what if you do not happen to have $75 dollars in your wallet at the time? If you do not have an extra $75 dollars available, can you still discharge the payment in demand?

The answer should be obvious! If you can “discharge” a DEBT (Payment in Demand) “WITH” a DEBT (Federal Reserve Dollars), then obviously you CAN discharge a Debt WITH a Debt! So then, if you can discharge a Debt (Payment in Demand) WITH a Debt (Federal Reserve Notes), then how do you discharge that first Debt if you don’t have any of the other Debt instruments (Federal Reserve Notes) available? Simple: You Discharge that first Debt through the same means that created THAT Debt in the first place! To do so, first you have to understand how YOU created that DEBT. Look at it through the perspectives of when you applied for that car loan. You funded your own loan! (Your own Debt).

usa federal reserve logo

Applying for an Auto Loan (Bank Loan)… funding YOUR OWN Loan (YOUR OWN Debt)!

First, everything begins with an understanding that all banks in the United States today are more-or-less Federal Reserve Banks. They are extensions of the Federal Reserve Bank to the degree that they issue and exchange “Federal Reserve Notes.” Pursuant to the existing laws, and the fact that they hold a small micro-fraction of shares in the Federal Reserve Bank, they are therefore considered an extension (like a franchise) of the Federal Reserve.

The fact that they issue and exchange Federal Reserve Notes, along with the fact that they are protected under Federal Banking Laws, establishes them as semi-affiliations, as well. Now, under our present monetary system, it is a fact that a person’s signature is legally considered “COLLATERAL” when entered upon any sort of commercial contract. All commercial contracts involve and include use of commercial “paper.”

Therefore, be it a traffic ticket, a Federal Reserve Note, an auto loan application, or anything else – is considered a commercial contract when it involves a signature of any sort. And Federal Reserve Notes DO have signatures upon them. Take a closer look! So then, with this understood and as applies equally to traffic tickets just as much as bank auto loan applications, now you can come to appreciate just how Powerful your signature really is and how often you take it for granted.

When you enter your signature upon a bank auto loan (or any bank loan), you are actually entering your signature (Your “COLLATERAL”) upon a Promissory Note (sort of like an I.O.U. Note). And under the Uniform Commercial Code, a “signed” Promissory Note is a negotiable instrument – and is EQUAL in VALUE to the AMOUNT stated on the paperwork (commercial contract). So when you sign that auto loan, it becomes EQUAL in value to the loan itself. Thus, it becomes MONEY! Well, at least an ASSET of VALUE “equal to” the stated amount of money as is stated upon the paperwork that you’ve just signed. The bank then deposits it into a transaction account in your name. None of this is revealed to you. It is then officially considered an ASSET to the bank. The bank then stamps it with “Pay To The Order Of.” From there the bank then forwards and thus SELLS your signed “PROMISSORY NOTE” to the Federal Reserve in exchange for the amount stated on the loan application.

What has now taken place is that you have more-or-less just “PAID FOR” your new car. Right then and there! Because the bank has now accepted your Promissory Note as an ASSET! They in turn exchanged your ASSET for dollars (Federal Reserve Notes). Thus your Promissory Note just PAID FOR everything!

Confusing? Hard to believe?

Originally, pursuant to “Law,” if the bank accepts your Promissory Note for purposes of a “loan,” the bank is then liable for the amount loaned to you and so has to enter that amount upon their books as a “liability” for them. Under original Law your Promissory Note has FUTURE VALUE “ONLY”! They are then supposed to “LOAN” you money equal to the amount applied for.

But this is not the case today! Rather, the bank does something entirely different! People believe that banks “LOAN” money, and that the loan is made under and pursuant to existing “LAW.” In actuality, however, they are really operating under and pursuant to UCC “COMMERCIAL CONTRACT”! But NOT “Law”!

Again, under and pursuant to the UCC, a “signed” Promissory Note is “equal” in value to the stated amount indicated on the same paperwork. Thus, it has PRESENT VALUE! Under the original “Law” it would only have FUTURE VALUE! So, the banks, knowing this, and operating under UCC commercial code, then SELL your Promissory Note in EXCHANGE for cash.

This makes your Promissory Note an “exchange;” but “NOT” a “loan”! If a “LOAN” – then it is non-negotiable and ONLY a contract that you will pay for the amount “loaned” to you. But it’s an “EXCHANGE” – because when you “signed it” under and pursuant to the UCC, that Promissory Note became the EXACT SAME “VALUE” as that for which it is now being exchanged for. So in other words, your Promissory Note gets traded like cash from the bank exchanging it “FOR” cash with the Federal Reserve. The bank will then afterwards write a check to you, or to the car dealership from where you are applying for the vehicle. And all of this goes back to your very signature that you placed upon that same commercial instrument to begin with. Banks have 2 sides to their bookkeeping. ASSET and LIABILITY!! When a bank receives a signed loan application from you (a signed Promissory Note), if it was truly a “LOAN” under “LAW” then they would lend you the amount stated and then enter it upon their ledger as a LIABILITY to them; until such time as the LIABILITY was repaid.

When you deposit, say, $100 dollars into an account, the bank enters it as an ASSET on one side of their bookkeeping. On the other side of their ledger it is entered as a LIABILITY – because they are “liable” to YOU for that $100 dollars. So today, while they continue to operate under the UCC, when the bank places your signed loan application (Your signed Promissory Note) into an account, it is then entered upon their books as an ASSET to the bank on one side – while at the very same time it is entered into their ledger as a LIABILITY to them on the other side.

This also includes a LIABILITY to you for INTEREST on the amount. This means that when you are paying on the principal amount of the loan, you are actually paying them money that is not even owed to them. Furthermore, as you pay them “Interest” on the amount, you are really actually paying off the “Interest Liability” that THEY are LIABLE for to YOU and actually OWE to YOU! Because it being an ASSET based upon YOUR signature makes THEM liable to YOU for that (your) asset!

So, the bank exchanges your Promissory Note for cash, then supplies you with that cash, then charges you to begin repaying the amount – along with interest on the amount – for what they call a “loan!” When in all actuality it was NOT a loan at all; but, rather, an “exchange!” Under the law, they are just as liable to “YOU” for interest on the same amount – because “YOU” are the one that “THEY” have BORROWED the money from.

And the SAME basically applies to traffic tickets! That $75 dollar traffic ticket gets sold as a Promissory Note (ASSET), to the Federal Reserve, which then converts it into a bond, from there it is then further converted into cash. You are then held accountable for the liability side of it all (The side of which THEY are supposed to be LIABLE to YOU!). All of this because you are NOT SECURE in your Title/Status. Therefore, you have NO LAWFUL Title/Status. Because you have NO Title. Until such time as YOU make CLAIM to and take the appropr

iate steps to SECURE Your Title you will continue to be subject to commercial liens based upon YOUR OWN Signature. That is, you will continue to be subject to DEBT based upon YOUR OWN Signature. Because your “Title” is within the public domain. Until such time as you take it out of the PUBLIC domain and SECURE it into the “PRIVATE” domain! When you SECURE your TITLE into the PRIVATE domain, you also SECURE your Title STATUS under the Private domain. You’ve then reserved your “Title and Status” as that of a “private” status that enables you to enter into contracts under a completely different STATUS then that of one without Secured Rights. You then have a lawful remedy available to hold one accountable for any type Trespass against you.

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