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All items, products, packages and services, described on this site, and any communication with us, are ONLY available to subscribed members of this (our) private organization, and whom are in good standing. You MUST sign up and subscribe (for membership) and be a member in good standing, to order anything described on this website. This includes being contacted by us and all other communication with us. Membership is currently FREE; but MUST be Approved by us. We also reserve the right to disapprove or terminate anyone’s application/private membership for any reason at any time whatsoever. To Apply for FREE Membership with us, read and follow these Instructions carefully outlined here below:

  1. The Application for Membership is a 5 Step process. Begin by reading these 6 numbered instructions you are now reading, and then proceed to the red words “Application for Membership” further below. From there, read until you arrive to the “Apply Now” button at the bottom page. Clicking that button moves you to the next page (to Step 2).
  2. You MUST complete all 5 Steps of this application process in order for us to approve your private membership with us. This means that you MUST also read EVERYTHING herein upon these pages.
  3. At the very end of this process is Step 5. You will complete Step 5 by clicking upon and downloading a printable Application (Form) there. This printable application is a one-page pdf document. You will likely need acrobat reader to download and print it out. Acrobat reader is free on the internet if you don’t already have acrobat reader installed on your computer. You must fill in, complete and “mail in” the printed pdf document (application form) to us. Simply follow the instructions on that application form after completing it and mail it in to our address listed on it.
  4. After you’ve completed and mailed in the printable Application for Membership Form to us, we reach out to connect up with you for a brief phone session. This phone call is critical to the success of your Application. You MUST make a diligent good faith effort to respond to the telephone number that we call you from. Again, this is CRITICAL to the success of your membership being approved.
  5. The initial phone call review is a brief phone conversation based upon your answers you provide us through your Application for Membership website submission to us (Steps 3 and 4: Takes about 5 minutes). The focus of this initial call is to help us determine if you are the right candidate for our Private Membership, and if so whether we approve you or not for this membership with us.
  6. We may or may not approve your membership during that initial call. Either way, we may even delay our decision as to our approval of your private membership, for various reasons based upon your answers made within our application. This delay may be due to how you answer certain questions on the online application. We might also offer you a full private 1 on 1 consultation from there. It all depends upon what we determine and what we arrive at during that first initial call. If so, the private consultation may differ for each applicant. Again, we reserve the right to disapprove or terminate anyone’s private membership for any reason at any time whatsoever.

Application for Membership

MUST READ. Follow the steps below to begin the application process.

Step 1 of 5

Dear Liberty Seeking Enthusiast,

Our preference, our priority, has always been a dedicated focus upon assisting and empowering honorable people of sound character… whom are strong minded, confident, determined, and SERIOUS about taking powerful control over their lives like you’ve never known EVER before.

We prefer to work with such honorable people of integrity, whom are respectful, trustworthy, motivated, enthusiastic, whom are action takers and implementers.

If you are someone of this character, these values, and this describes YOU…

then we feel that you may be the perfect match for us and for what we have perfected over the years and have available here within.

This has been our preference all along since Day 1 when we first opened our doors and introduced this to the Online world and made this available on the Internet for the FIRST TIME EVER (in mid-2005) as the “Cracking The Code Webstore”. The very first time any such type operation was ever set into motion on the Internet. We were immediately met with resistance and challenged practically from the start. Multiple hostile agents (agencies) were involved and were determined to shut us up and shut us down, because we were immediately seen as a serious threat to the establishment. We immediately met their hostility with and returned our own form of resistance – the same very powerful tools and processes that we had perfected and had down then, and that we have continued to improve and enhance ever since. These conflicts soon multiplied, as well as the intensity of them, until we were nearly exhausted of our very energy, will and determination. But resist and fight back – We did! – and we prevailed. Nearly a year later, after the conflicts had ceased, after the smoked had cleared, we then made a monumental decision. As a token of Victory we changed our name – to “The Redemption Service”. We changed our name to The Redemption Service as well as our website to (on July 7, 2006). It was a more fitting representation of who we are, what we are, what we do.

Despite these early confrontations and brutal challenges, we not only prevailed… we not only persevered… but we succeeded in expanding our name and reputation, and all that we are and all that we do. We are still here today. We are still going strong, continuing our mission, that we began back then, and still here and now, and into the future.

Yet, so many things have changed since we first appeared online in 2005. Today, we are now witnessing people only being more and more confused as they endlessly search… finding only MORE confusion. So much different information… all of it seeming to conflict… No real solid answers.

What is happening? That which is only Obvious!

All that WE introduced and made available online for the very first time ever, that WE so fervently fought for that very first year after soon finding ourselves embroiled in those hostile attempts to break us and destroy us from our mission. Only roughly 4 years later, we then witnessed our endeavors, our mission, being “hijacked,” stripped away and convoluted. Unscrupulous individuals, with intent on just showing up creating some sort appearance as if they were some sort of other type of Redemption Service. These posers began appearing online about 4 years after our victories and our having established ourselves firmly grounded. Around that very time appeared these individuals posing as, attempting to set up such appearance as, some sort of similar type website(s), only to seriously disrupt and interfere in our mission. These other websites – most of whom are still around today – were not OTHER websites offering similar processes or results. Rather, they ONLY appear to offer processes like ours, yet nothing more than mockery. They are nothing but pretend websites peddling incomplete and ineffective processes. You will never have anything effective with them, nor will you ever complete anything legitimate with them. This is what creates your confusion.

From our name change in 2006 until around late 2009/early 2010 – The Redemption Service was the ONLY existing website of its kind in existence. There were NO OTHER Redemption Services. Nor ANY other type of website or organization like ours. No such website or organization even existed anywhere else on the Internet. It was in late 2009- early 2010 that unknown, manipulative individuals began to appear online attempting to recreate another, more-or-less, look-alike version of The Redemption Service. Attempting to recreate or imitate us, yet under some different name. That is, 4 years after we prevailed from all of the harshness that we survived through in our very first year… 4 years later, appeared these such individuals from out of the blue, apparently attempting at imitating us as a website, organization or business. Not Patriots of moral character. Completely unqualified in every respect. THIS is what you are now witnessing, today, now spread out all across the vast, entire Internet. THAT which is now so obvious!

Further, everything we began online over 17 years ago, today we are now able to divide into five (5) camps that seek after what we are…

These camps (of people) that seek after us are…

  1. Quality High-Status People of Honor, and leadership, well pulled together, well developed, well established, financially stable… They resonate with us here at The Redemption Service… Truly our perfect match whom we prefer to work with.
  2. Average or Above Average People, many of whom have college or some college, some having no college but skilled. This camp of people may still vary, but most here from this camp have good, solid morals, values, integrity, are usually well pulled together, well developed, well established, financially stable. These folks from this camp are a good match and good fit whom we prefer to work with.
  3.  Average to Below Average People, many here working various type jobs or entry-level jobs with low income, yet some are resourceful. Many of these folks are not as well pulled together, and many here are of unstable character, and financially unstable… a majority of whom might very well seek one of the above mentioned dishonorable “cheap alternatives” whom are attempting to poach or imitate The Redemption Service. This “camp” of people that do seek such immoral individuals as an alternative or cheap alternative, this camp and mentality level of people are only semi-serious and usually not the stable type folks we prefer to be aligned with. Most of this crowd are not the perfect match for us. Although, there are some from this camp that do have high integrity and are resourceful.
  4. Below Average / Low Mentality People, whom lack any income, whom have no desire, no passion, no plan, to ever improve their financial situation or living conditions. No values. Complainers, doubters, excuse makers, envious. Entitlement minded. We do not care to be aligned with these type individuals from this camp. These are not a good match with us.
  5. Dishonest! Dishonorable! The fifth camp here are immoral and often, typically, is the case, predatory! Many from this group consist of camp #4 above, yet this fifth group of individuals seriously lack honor and integrity and are nothing but dishonest. Many from this particular group have serious character defects, personality disorders, and are predatory. We avoid anyone whom falls under this level of mindset. We also consider this to be the same exact camp of which all others fall under whom today are attempting to imitate what we do online. All these online “pretenders” and “poachers” we’ve mentioned earlier above.

For this reason (above), many (from the middle camps) find our fees for our products, processes, services, and training directly from us, typically beyond their reach (in other words, we are NOT low quality and low-priced); but our results definitely speak for themselves. Our reputation is golden. We are the REAL DEAL and what we produce is effective and works phenomenally! But we are also protecting what we have within. What we maintain inside and all that we have perfected within, we consider this to be our “gold!” We are being very careful and we are definitely doing incredibly well at protecting our gold.

We’ve got this down to a science.

We are the “ORIGINAL” Redemption Service whom first made all of this (“what we are”) available online and began this following online for all that we are, that we offer – what we named ourselves after – “Redemption Service.” We are NOT just someone attempting to put up a blog or website and attempt to “imitate” The Redemption Service. We ARE The Redemption Service. We are THE Redemption Service. We are the ONLY Redemption Service! Our Title is NOT just “general usage” in the public domain. We created our Title as a Trade Name…

OUR Trade Name…

The Redemption Service  (

This should be an immediate wake up call for you.

Because what else do you make of any others out there whom are attempting to now “imitate” us, model us, steal from us, even try to compete with us? One other out there is even claiming to offer “Redemption Service.” It is just sickening! Furthermore, all of these predators only have a very moderate, very basic understanding of any of this.

Talk about acting in complete DISHONOR (and DISGUST!).

Because “Dishonor” IS “Disgust” (Disgusting!)

Yes, beware of these others (pretenders/imposers) out there attempting to imitate our service and pretend that they are legitimate, we do not even recognize ANY of them. We certainly do not communicate with them. They have obstructed OUR mission, our honor, our built up authority and position as America’s FIRST and ORIGINAL and ONLY Service of its kind EVER since we first appeared online in 2005.

These others did not even exist until after nearly 4 or more years after we first appeared. Yet the very idea itself (who we are and what we do), what these others are trying to “imitate” did not originate with any of them. It originated with us! Yet they’ve shown up out of nowhere and try and imitate us, model us, take every idea that they possibly can from us, steal our very words and articles from off our website, and then even try and compete with us… these are also what we call unethical Pretenders / Predators.

No Honor exists in a Predator.

This is why you need beware! You should be seeing SERIOUS red flags flying when you come across any of these predatory-poachers.

We will have nothing to do with these so many others whom have shown up trying to poach us, nor do we wish to be associated with anyone else whom gets involved in anyway with them. Again, we ONLY wish to be associated with honorable, confident, respectful, friendly, motivated, enthusiastic, SERIOUS People, primed and ready to seriously work with us to UPGRADE their lives to that of TOTAL EMPOWERMENT!

We are NOT interested in those of the wrong mindset, wrong attitude, whom are only concerned about price. We prefer quality people, well developed, who realize the consequences of turning to predators whom are not honorable, not authentic, are thieves, who have done nothing more but create and spread confusion and try to appear to offer similar products and services by attempting to appear as a cheaper alternative. Not so! Not authentic! ONLY predators and poachers.

You should consider The Redemption Service and your life upgrade a serious life investment. Something you would only take VERY SERIOUS… and you should be of the character and Will… One that would never settle for anything less than honorable, nor anything less than authentic. THIS is the type moral character we are looking for, whom we wish to be part of and work with.

Attention Ideal Client:

If this describes YOU, and you are honorable, an action taker, and 100% committed to elevating your life and lifestyle, committed to partnering with us, loyal and trustworthy, READY and fully charged up, wanting in… then you just may be that perfect match we are looking for, and if so, then we…

Welcome you in at this time!