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Private Membership With The Redemption Service Application


Congratulations on taking the next step in your own Personal Journey towards personal liberty transformation-empowerment! Your choice to simply view and fill out this short application is significant. Because doing so suggests you’ve already begun the process of this transformation for yourself.

Taking this step tells us you already get two things.  First, that it’s not just a lack of skills or techniques or knowledge that holds you back.  And second, what real personal liberty transformation could mean for you and your family.

This “Private Membership” Transformation Program is not about just simply signing up for the sake of “signing up for free membership”. It’s about giving you access to a powerful total shift into what’s working. A new access point for yourself and those closest to you. A new power in all that you will now do. To create ever-greater results and success with all that we have perfected here inside The Redemption Service.

It’s about uncovering and eliminating your self-limiting and self-defeating blocks that now exist with you from all the confusion that so many out there have created from their futile attempts to imitate or create their very own imitation version of who we are, what we are, what we do, what we have, what we make available here within “The Redemption Service.” And replacing these blocks from these imposers and fakes with your only obvious choice – a potent reliable one to propel you forward.

It’s about revealing these distractions, and confusion, that are lurking in your plain view. So you immediately get real clarity to clearly distinguish the only true path you can possibly take to get the results you seek.  So you can take powerful action with this that creates massive results in your life.

Simply realizing that what you are seeing out there that is confusing you, definitely will never serve you, means you’ve already begun your transformation.

The “Private Membership” is like no other “alternative.”  Yet, it is also our duty to ensure that participants whom apply for this membership, are also not just people whom lack motivation, lack enthusiasm, are self-doubters, are complainers, cynical and not ready to commit to this effort or invest themselves into it with genuine sincerity.

Participants must feel excited and charged up and ready to begin this all new path for which they are about to engage. They must be willing and ready to invest in themselves and in this powerful upgrade to their life.

So it’s time to take your next step on your path to this transformation.

This application is designed to do three things and should take less than five minutes to fill out completely … 

  1. Help you prepare and process your application for membership as you answer the questions we have for you on the next page
  2. Help us to gather information we need so we are prepared to communicate our questions to you properly on the “Personal Journey” to Private Membership Transformation Consultation call we’ll be setting up with you in the next several days or more (upon your final completion of this Membership Application process and Membership Application form)
  3. Help us to understand you better and to prepare to serve your needs and desires fully as you participate at a deeper level once you’ve gained “Private Membership ” with The Redemption Service.

Application Instructions: