From here, simply download, complete and mail in the final (paper) application form


Thank You for taking the time to fill out the application for Private Membership with The Redemption Service. We appreciate it.

YOUR FINAL STEP: From here, simply download, complete and mail in the final (paper) application form (gold download link below). Instructions are included on this form. Be sure to also check your email for a Welcome email from us.  Your Welcome email from us also contains a link to download this same application form. You will also be receiving a Text message from us to the phone # that you provided to us herein. You should be expecting that text from us anytime soon – usually we text you immediately or within 24-hours from now – and you MUST respond to that text from us. Failure to respond to that text from us within 24-hours of our sending it will result in disapproval of your application. If you do not receive this text from us, or are unable to receive it, you MUST then contact us immediately within 48-hours from now through our CONTACT BOX (CONTACT US page) to inform us that you did not receive that text from us.

Download FINAL (Mail In) Application Form
[ Download Form ]

Finally, once you’ve completed and mailed in your (final) paper application form, upon its arrival to us we will immediately contact you to review your answers with you more fully and schedule a time to speak about what you desire most from our Private Membership Transformation program, and your options for engaging at a deeper level. Thanks again.

With Warm Regards,
The Redemption Service Admin