The Red Pill

What you were never taught in the State-funded public schools

Between 1913 thru 1933 (and further from 1934 thru 1938) various Events and Acts took place in Washington, D.C. that completely changed America’s system of law and government, including the banking system of the entire Nation, and still exists to this present day.

Emergency Declarations and Executive Orders put in place by then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), as well as Acts of Congress, removed “gold” (the gold standard) from backing paper notes. At the time, these Emergency Acts and Declarations took gold out of circulation and made it a penalty to own or posses gold back during the time.

What was taking place this entire time period, was that the U.S. had been and was being artificially induced into a national bankruptcy. This had more to do with the influence from completely “unelected officials” (Powerful Elite International Bankers) working from behind the scenes using their power and corruption to influence and control these political and financial manipulations of those holding office in Washington D.C.

This historic period of financial crises and these legal maneuvers were sold to the American public as “necessary” to counter the financial downfall of the country. The public did not support any of this but rather tolerated it, in hopes that this was the answer to resolve the conditions of America back then. If only the American people knew what was really actually coming down the pipeline from behind he scenes.

The country was now a Debtor nation, without a gold standard. Paper cash was practically worthless, and people could not pay their debts. This enabled the new U.S. central bank (the new privately owned Federal Reserve Bank) to take over commercial control of the wealth and destiny of America. Yes, the Federal Reserve is a private “bank.” Yes, they were behind all this.

The very purpose that the Federal Resrve was put in place – was so that the U.S. government could borrow money (from the private elite International bankers and banking families) through their Federal Reserve creation. (Think of the “Rothschilds” family of bankers of Europe. Think of the International Monetary Fund).

Under FDR, the Maternity Act (of 1921 thru 1930) – also known as the Sheppard-Towner Act – was now being enforced on the population. Americans were now being pressured (from this Act) to register birth certificate applications to their birth states for both their children and themselves.

Before this period Americans did not “register” their new born children to the “state” for “birth certificates.” Americans “registering” themselves and their new-borns to the state for birth certificates actually served another whole entire agenda of the U.S. The U.S. needed to finance loans from the new (private) Federal Reserve bank so as to fund and jump start a whole new economy, as well as all future government endeavors. The U.S. government turned to using the American peoples’ birth certificates (as municipal bonds) to be used as the main instrument and primary source of collateral to finance these loans and all future loans of credit from the Federal Reserve System.

The idea behind their scheme, is based in banking, and also based in the Uniform Commercial Codes, as relates to bonds and warehouse receipts. Americans would now “register” themselves to the state thru a “bond” (birth certificate) by “signing” that birth certificate “bond,” of which is also printed upon bank stock “bond” paper.

These 2 below birth certificate examples both demonstrate how most birth certificates actually display – in very fine print – the name of the bank note company on them. Of which, evidences how birth certificates are used as bonds and “bank notes.”



By signing the birth certificates, people’s “signature” (itself) would actually “charge up” the bond to the tune of a large lump sum. Applying their fresh ink signature worked the same as applying “credit” to the instrument, like the same way when someone signs a promissory note – which is a promise to pay. Like when someone signs loan papers at a bank. So, in other words, the “signer” of this bond (birth certificate) would be applying actual “credit” (their credit) to it, by ultimately “pledging” themselves and their future labor as collateral to back the bond. Their signature would also pledge their property listed on the birth certificate as collateral (think property; think also, their “child”) listed on the birth certificate – would also serve as collateral to back the bond. All from putting their wet ink signature on that instrument.

Putting something “at risk” is financial terminology that is often used by the financial industry, as with the insurance industry. Thus, by someone signing the commercial paper (birth certificate) they are ultimately putting themselves at risk, their property and assets at risk, their child at risk, as well as their future labor (future promise to pay) at risk. Everything that is listed on that promissory note, or that bond or warehouse receipt, is what is included as the “property” that is “at risk” (Per the Uniform Commercial Codes). Therefore, all of these items listed on that note are also the “collateral” that backs the note, in the event that there is a future failure to pay. The collateral is the insurance.

To do this, to secure these loans from the Federal Reserve Bank, the U.S. did 3 things:

1. They actually monetized the Debt of the Nation. Converted “debt” into a form of credit.

2. Converted commercial paper into “bonds” (UCC) so to be used as financial credit instruments.

3. Gauranteed future registered birth certificates as the collateral to back and finance the loans.

Meaning they secretly converted all debt into a form of credit. Meaning, when future Federal Reserve notes were newly printed, they would represent “negative” [ – ] value [ “debt” ]; NOT “positive” credit. Only the American “People” would have positive [ + ] credit; but NOT in any positive bank account. Americans’ “positive credit” would ONLY extend from and through their wet ink signatures on such things as Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Mortgages, Bonds, Bank Drafts, etc. But this was to be kept a secret and hidden from the public. Is all this starting to make sense to you now?

The signed birth certificate registers the child to the state, and further creates a legal entity (the child’s full name printed in ALL CAPS). This ALL CAPS “Title” is NOT actually the child’s name. It is what you call a “Title” (like a “legal title”) and/or a “legal name”. Example: JOHN HENRY DOE, is itself a legal entity (created by the state from that signed birth certificate). This legal entity is also known as a “juristic person” (legal entity person), also known as an “ens legis” (artificial person), and/or straw man or straw person – ALL of these being actual legal definitions for that ALL CAPS (title) legally created entity. Also considered a “corporate” person (like a corporation), of which is also a legal artificial person. Corporations are considered “dead” artificial, non-living persons.

This ALL CAPS name legal entity (straw man) and/or DEBTOR, or DEBTOR straw man “Title” is what the state then uses as the official I.D. of the child on all legal documents related to the child from then on when it is created from the signed/registered Birth Certificate – clear into the child’s future – all the way into adulthood until eventual death. You will see this ALL CAPS legal fiction entity listed on such things as the Birth Certificate itself, Social Security Card, Driver’s license, Marriage license, other state licenses, other forms of state I.D., legal documents such as court records or court documents, warrants, complaints, summons, orders, judgments, police records, police reports. These here listed describe only just a few.

This ALL CAPS listed entity is also listed on people’s bank accounts and bank checks. When police pull someone over, they are looking for this legal entity. People hand it over to them when you hand over your driver’s license to them thru the car window. In such a case, the officer was looking for that legal corporate fiction and they seized and/or arrested that DEBTOR entity. Upon arrest the county places a “lien” upon it. When the DEBTOR is taken into custody, guess who goes into custody along with it? Whomever is the listed “collateral” on the photo I.D. Who’s ever “signature” exists on the signature line of that photo I.D.

These legal definitions only apply to the ALL CAPS name (title) legal entity but do NOT apply to the child itself. The child’s proper upper and lower case name (such as John Henry Doe, or Jane Henry Doe) belongs to the child. But the ALL CAPS name – despite being spelled the same – but in ALL CAPS… that name (that Title) such as JOHN HENRY DOE… is property of the “state.” They created it. What belongs to the “state” also belongs to the United States. Therefore, that legal entity Straw Man is also property of the United States (and is a “United States citizen”). This is because the “state” is a sub-corporate body of the “parent corporation” (of which, that parent corporation is better known as the UNITED STATES). Yes, the UNITED STATES is itself a corporation. (See….Title 28 USC 3002 Section 15A states that the United States is a Federal Corporation and not a government, including the Judicial Procedural Section). But that straw person was also registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce early on. So, either way, it is property of the U.S. and it is a “United States citizen.”

It is in the interests of the “state” to refrain from this information being made available or taught in the “state” funded public school educational system. Nor will you find this information available in any of the “state” semi-funded and supported colleges, universities or technical schools. Furthermore, attorneys are members of the BAR Association. Their loyalty is to the BAR and other BAR members, they primarily represent the interests of the courts and the banks. You only have limited “representation” by an attorney in these courts (very limited, at that).

The child grows up legally “connected” (legally-bound) to this ALL CAPS legal title, legal entity. Between the child and this legal entity, IT (legal entity) is a straw person and IT is the “United States citizen”. The child is NOT the “United States citizen.” The child is not supposed to be a United States citizen; but rather, either a “Citizen of the United States” or a “Citizen of a state” (Such as “Citizen of Illinois state”).

To be a United States citizen is to be a citizen (or employee) of a Federal Corporation (again, the Federal Corporation known as the “United States” and/or “UNITED STATES”). To be a “Citizen of the United States,” however, means one of the Several states… means Citizen of a particular state (such as Illinois state). See the definitions of “Citizen of the United States” as used within the original Constitution.

But the child goes on to create further “connections” (Bonds) with and through various other registrations made over time with the U.S. corporation (UNITED STATES), i.e., Social Security, Driver’s license, Marriage license, voter registration, financial aid, others. It is upon these specific government documents and financial instruments that you will find the ALL CAPS (such as JOHN HENRY DOE) legal entity straw person title/name. That ALL CAPS legal fiction title is also printed on court papers, court documents, legal papers, etc.

This is how they control you through that entity. You attach. You are property of it.

This has been the case ever since the above time periods, it is still the case today.

    • These “registrations” connect You to the ALL CAPS legal entity… sorry!  It’s true!
    • That ALL CAPS legal entity connects directly to the National debt – is attached to the National Debt (as collateral). This connects You (as collateral) to the National Debt… sorry!  It’s true!
    • That ALL CAPS legal fiction DEBTOR straw person also attaches directly to ALL statutes, codes, and municipalities… being local, state and federal… and to ALL state and federal codes. This then connects YOU to all statutes, codes, and municipalities… local, state and federal… and ALL state and federal codes through IT.
    • You attach to ALL of these through IT (legal entity) because you attach To IT (as collateral).
    • Living people are ONLY subject to their State’s common law enactments.
    • Municipal statutes and codes, including local, state, and federal codes are NOT State common law enactments.

There is yet more here. Besides that the entire U.S. system is a bankrupt system. The Emergency Declarations and National Emergencies put in place back in 1933 were based upon the U.S. Emergency War Powers. Executive War Powers and Acts evoke Military law (thus Martial law). Martial law falls under the Rules of Admiralty (Admiralty and Maritime jurisdiction). Thus, it is another different legal “jurisdiction” all together. Admiralty is the jurisdiction of the High Seas. The actual jurisdiction of these courts are therefore “Admiralty” jurisdiction – which is a “foreign” jurisdiction to that of the State “common law” jurisdictions.

People do not have Constitutional Rights in these courts today. These are NOT constitutional courts, and they are NOT enforcing their statutes, codes, ordinances and such upon “people”. These are “administrative” courts of another jurisdiction. These courts are enforcing these municipal structures upon the corporate fiction straw man legal entity debtors – especially when those debtors show up to those administrative courts and “YOUanswer in behalf of that “Defendant” legal person debtor. You, thus, become that Defendant. So…

These courts act through “presumptions.” In these courts You don’t have any rights because you are presumed to be the following:

  • You are presumed to be a corporate fiction legal entity or dead person (dead corporation).
  • You are classified as a “United States citizen” (property/employee).
  • You are classified as an “Enemy Combatant” (enemy of the “United States”). *more on this later.
  • You are presumed to be property. Property does not have rights.
  • You are presumed to be a Debtor (collateral). You are considered bankrupt (with no rights).
  • As a Debtor, you are considered a bankrupt indentured servant (slave).

Making more sense now?

People are NOT subject to or bound to the statutes, codes, ordinances, rules or regulations of a municipality. Only corporations are subject to these statutes, codes, ordinances, etc.
You are ONLY subject to the common law. But, unless you have decoupling, unless you are detached from that corporate legal fiction DEBTOR, and unless you have bound it and yourself under Private Title Bond, and you have cultivated and consummated a legal/lawful Debtor/Creditor relationship, and unless it has proper closure… you are left completely open “vulnerable,” and you are at risk of serious legal consequences of any type at any given time with no real remedy for you to prevail against such.

Therefore you are bound by and restricted to these chains. Until you are unchained from and escape from this crippled state of existence, You and your family will only remain small, enslaved, and you and your family will remain unable to accelerate upwards at any meaningful rapid pace into expedited increased wealth from tools and options that could be available to you had you not been confined from these heavy burdensome restrictions and restraints of legal (and financial) slavery upon you. These are hard truths. But simply the reality of it all.

But, yet, not all of the above is darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel. For their is yet another reality. That reality has also been kept secret and hidden from you, as well, practically most or all of your life (thanks to the current U.S. public schools system, and “state” and “BAR Association” regulated attorneys). Yet this other reality is actually right in front of you, and it is right within your very reach. That reality… is that you can be freed up from this, completely liberated. Never having to look back. Your new route of travel, only going Forward, in high gear.

Our discoveries and procurement of all that we’ve uncovered and unveiled, and our concepts, configurations and enhancements of our findings that we have brazenly refined over the years… resulting in our cut, polished mastery of “Private Law and Elevated Banking”…

Enables “mastery” over what we call the Legal/Law Matrix…

Enables “mastery” over what we call the Debt/Money Matrix…

To “Master” over the Legal/Law Matrix…

The Secured Private Title Bond Process completely reverses this crippled legal state for You.

The Secured Private Title Bond Process puts You in Legal/Lawful control over the legal entity.

The Secured Private Title Bond Process reconstructs the DEBTOR as Your Debtor. (Reversed).

You can process and enforce real “Rights” in and out of these courts without an attorney.

Completely eliminate actions brought upon you from adverse/hostile parties. Vanquished!

To “Master” over the Debt/Money Matrix…

Transfer Your positive credit through Your DEBTOR as negative credit (Debt) to Reverse Debt.

Your debt (“itself”) CAN be converted into wealth. How so? See next answer (BC worth millions).

Your Birth Certificate is worth a vast Fortune. It is worth “millions” !! *(more on this below).

You CAN monetize your Birth Certificate! It was ALREADY monetized. *(more on this below).

Can you Draw Funds on Your BC?… is both a Yes and No answer. *(more on this also below).

* ⟩⟩⟩ Your Birth Certificate is worth a vast Fortune. It is worth “millions” !!

The signed birth certificate was converted into a bond. The Federal Reserve accepted that bond for a specific value. That value (roughly $1 million) was transfered to the Treasury in exchange for that bond. From that bond an account was created at the Treasury.

The Federal Reserve has an internal publication known as “Modern Money Mechanics.” Their institutionalized manual that describes their system for fractional reserve money creation by the Federal Reserve and its web of global commercial banks it supports. Through translations, such as “Fractional Reserve Process,” and other banking terminology, the booklet translates for them and describes their formula for how they create money from debt.

This manual, and later court testimonials from actual officers that were employed by the Federal Reserve, have revealed how the Federal Reserve accepts Treasury Bonds from the Treasury, and how they convert these bonds into loans (how they convert the bonds into Federal Reserve Notes). This applies equally for ALL OTHER forms of financial instruments (i.e. bills of exchange, promissory notes, bank drafts, bonds, etc.). ALL of these negotiable instruments get converted the same way via the Federal Reserve’s modern money mechanics banking practices. This includes birth certificate “bonds”.

Essentially, these negotiable instruments and bonds are based on and represent debt (promise to pay), and so the Federal Reserve Notes that are created FROM them – thus mean that the Federal Reserve Notes themselves represent nothing more than debt. Based on their fractional reserve practice – and the laws that were drafted for the banks – current regulations only require that they maintain 10% of those notes on deposit (known as their “Required Deposit” or “Required Reserve”). The other 90% is considered an “Excessive Reserve.”

They can then loan that 90% (“Excessive Reserve”) out as fresh new created money. For every deposit made to their banking system, can be converted into “9 Times” that original deposit. Over time, and more of these same transactions from the same source(s)… only expands and quantifies the money supply from that original source(s). This means that the average Birth Certificate (Bond) is easily worth at least well over 100 million. In most cases, much, much more. These are the amounts that have been created from, and have extended out from, that original signed financial bond instrument (Your birth certificate).

* ⟩⟩⟩ You CAN monetize your Birth Certificate! It was ALREADY monetized.

Your birth certificate was monetized. ALL birth certificates are monetized as described above. The above Federal Reserve “Modern Money Mechanics” description lays out precisely how this is done,… (how it was done with your birth certificate). Yet, it was ultimately Your Parent’s signature on that document… which ultimately converted it into a financial instrument (bond). You have that SAME exact “signature” power as your parents did.

Modern Money Mechanics is the process, is the “acceptance” and “processing” of the “signature” upon that document, and the document itself (as a pledge and promise to pay). The entire total creation of that conversion from document to agreement to financial instrument to bond to… all the way through unto the entire “monetization” of it… is the “Fractional Reserve Process” of the Federal Reserve Modern Money Mechanics… all the way up to and including… creation of the account. The further ongoing expansion of that Fractional Reserve Process – onto “Fractional Banking Lending” – is the trading of all these bonds and such as negotiable instruments and “stock,” as well as the Interest accumulation from this created and expanding money supply from that original monetized negotiable debt instrument.

It all began with the parent’s signature. But You, yourself, have already monetized many, various other such financial instruments, as well. These include such things as Social Security, driver’s license, motor vehicle registration, voter registration, mortgages, bank loans, student loans, etc. They too all went through the exact same Modern Money Mechanics process. It is only Your own Birth Certificate… is what you did not monetize yourself. However, when you “signed” your child’s birth certificate application – guess what? That’s right, you guessed right! You “monetized” that (your child’s) birth certificate. Same thing! Same way!

EACH and EVERY one of these financial (bond) instruments are monetized when you apply your wet ink signature upon that commercial financial bank instrument.

* ⟩⟩⟩ Can you Draw Funds on Your Birth Certificate?… is both a Yes and No answer.

Ok, this is where the Mojo gets good! This is both a “Yes” and a “No” answer! It is BOTH!
But how can this be? How can it possibly be BOTH? you ask! Are you ready for this? Because you will now discover this for the first time EVER right HERE and NOW! This is the first time we are revealing this here to you online, on the Internet, right HERE on this specific web page of this (our) website.

We’ve covered how the birth certificate is worth millions! How it is monetized at the Federal Reserve and converted into an ever-increasing expansion of financial instruments, notes and money supply. How the Fractional Reserve Process conversion expanded it “many times over!” Including more deposits, further interest, more supply, more reserves, and more circulation.

You should now have a better grasp on how your parents monetized the commercial paper?
You should now have a better grasp on how You monetize commercial paper?

So now, the ultimate question remains. Can you Draw Funds on your Birth Certificate?
Is there also interest due and coming to you?

Why do we say that this is both a “Yes” and “No” answer??
Because it is NOT a matter of ” If ” you can or can not ? It is a matter of How??
More precisely, ” If ” you will ? and “How” you will ?

So here it is: The BIG Reveal:

Warning: It is May, 2019. What we are about to reveal to you here and now today. Take Notice! This is the very FIRST time EVER that this (what we are about to reveal to you here today) – specifically what we are revealing here to you today – has EVER been revealed online on any website or other online platform. NOBODY is talking about this ANYWHERE on the Internet. Because NO OTHER website, Blog, Forum, YouTube video, or Social platform, has ever talked about this. Because NOBODY else out there knows about this…

We are not just talking about cashing in on or drawing from the Birth Certificate. What we mean when we say NOBODY is talking about this… NOBODY else out there knows about this… What we mean is that NOBODY else out there knows the answer, nor the details, nor the “micro-details” what we are revealing here to you today. Is what we mean when we say this. Today, right HERE and right NOW…

You are getting an answer!

You are getting details!

You are even getting “micro-details”!

That NOBODY else on the Internet or any website knows any of these answers to. Nor have they EVER spoke on this subject with any answers, and certainly not this much level of specific details.

What it is?

What it means?

How it works?

As we reveal this to you here and now, take serious notice here. Once we’ve displayed these next following words below right here on this page of this website – within weeks, if not DAYS – It (THIS and these following words) will be spread all across the Internet. Suddenly, many (“MANY”) others will be spreading this and talking about it… like as if they are savvy, sophisticated, intellectuals, and (“in the know”) about it. Yet, it will only be the first time EVER that they, themselves, will have even heard of this. This type behavior applies “especially” with regards to the websites that now exist – that are attempting to present themselves as if they are a similar service as ours or that they are competitors of us. We warn you of this here and now. We easily predict this because of the past patterns of these shameful pretenders.

We shall pause here for a moment, as this is important. In case you don’t already know… and you definitely should know.. you definitely need to know (this!). This is critical. This is critical in this very stage of your journey – that you are made aware of the following… That…
The Redemption Service was the FIRST EVER to bring what “We” ARE… Online. ALL that you are seeing here that “We” are – ALL that you see here that “We” do here, that we present on this website, that we produce, that we provide. How that we are a full-fledged “SERVICE” that provides and does WHAT we do. It ALL began with us, it ALL began with The Redemption Service. We even “named” ourselves after WHAT we are, WHAT we do, WHAT we make available. TAKE NOTICE!! Here and Now!! That, there are now dozens of other websites, blogs, YouTube Videos, and various type Social pages whom have sprung up on the Internet… long after we first appeared in 2005/2006… and ALL of these others are nothing more than insincere, dishonest, hustlers, and swindles… doing nothing more than faking their authenticity as that of something legitimate. They are ONLY attempting to “appear” as some other “SERVICE” similar to ours. WE WARN You! They are NOT legitimate. They do NOT have these concepts down to a science. None of them are even familiar with the very things they are trying to repackage and sell. How do we know this beyond a shadow of a doubt? Because we have watched ALL of these others show up online as a website attempting to imitate “Yours Truly”. We will not work with ANY of them! None! Zilch! Because we are completely, fully aware of what they are… just by the language they use and the things they are attempting to promote. They don’t even know the very Source or History of the very things that they are trying to sell. They (ALL of THEM) are only… out to Take people for what they can trick people into buying from them. There you have it, directly from us. Directly from The Redemption Service. So, Take Heed! You HAVE BEEN FULLY WARNED about ALL others Online. ALL others! Every Last one of THEM! Steer Clear! You’ve been warned.

As we reveal this here and now for the first time EVER, we’ve already made serious preparations in advance – to counter expose – any such falsified claims (especially by the websites we’ve just described above)… we are already prepared to openly expose any such vain attempts by them to falsely display ANY talk or claim that they are aware of this, know of it, have it, do it, specialize in it, or make it available – or any such false claims made by them that they are “in the know” of this – what we are revealing here to you HERE and NOW today. Should they attempt to “mock” us any further, we will display their “mockery” upon these very pages of this website. We will demonstrate how they have only just “suddenly” copied and pasted this (our) newly revealed information here today – if they do attempt to copy it from us and plaster it onto their website or pages. We have posted the present time period above (May, 2019).

Yet, we are ready and prepared should one of these websites also attempt to display on their site not only this specific information from off of this website page here just below that we are specifically about to reveal to you… but then should any of these websites also try to display some date that is prior to May, 2019 and claim that THEY are the ones whom revealed this and that they did so on a date they claim is prior to May, 2019… Let them dare try this!

We are prepared for this. Or should they even attempt to display this specific information here just below from off of this website page – and yet they display a time period AFTER May, 2019 – but then claim that this was known information by them, and that they are familiar with it. Whatever the case, we are ready with screen shots of their websites and time displays to expose their false mimicry if they attempt this. We are now prepared to expose their bullshit mockery and manipulations.

So, with that said, let’s now talk more about the birth certificate. Despite ALL that it is, and ALL that is done with it. Yet, however, it is actually just the “tip of the iceberg” of it all. The birth certificate is but just One financial bond instrument, from which is used to kick-off this structure. There are yet more negotiable instruments here involved:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security
  • Driver’s license or State I.D.
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Voter registration
  • Public school enrollment
  • College enrollment (student loans)
  • Mortgages
  • Home/Car loans (and ALL banking)
  • IRS filings
  • Court filings
  • Public Assistance
  • And the list goes on. Just to name a few. These above are definitely the main ones.

Now, imagine a bicycle wheel, if you will. A bicycle wheel with spokes. At the center of the wheel is the Hub. Extending out from the hub are a dozen spokes. At the very “tip” of one of these spokes along the rim is the signed and monetized birth certificate. Now imagine each of the other above signed instruments ALSO positioned at the tip of each of the other spokes of that wheel – extending out from the hub. So, in the case above… would be a wheel with a dozen spokes… with each of the 12 above financial references existing at the tip of each spoke.

Now imagine the central Hub is an “account.” We will call this account the “Exemption Account” (or EA).

Mind you, here is another BIG reveal. There are MORE accounts than just ONE account. Think…

  • Social Security Account
  • TDA (Treasury Deposit Account)
  • TDA (Treasury Direct Account)
  • LTDA (Legacy Treasury Direct Account)
  • UCC Contract Trust Account
  • Exemption Account

Drawing Funds from any one of the single spokes (Say, the birth certificate) is NOT how it works. The original Birth Certificate is either being traded, or is secured away inside a vault somewhere. You are not going to access that original signed instrument – nor any of the other 11 instruments, (in this example).

You operate from the central Hub of the wheel (“Exemption Account”). The central Hub of the wheel (EA) – in this example – is Your “command station.” Your access point for ALL of these monetized bond instruments combined under and extending out FROM that account – of which sits at the helm of these 12 spokes (in this example) from which each of these signed, bonded, monetized financial instruments ultimately extend out from.

From that helm (Hub), that access point (EA). From this command station is where anything is drawn from. However, the actual instruments (bonds) and the actual money (Federal Reserve Notes) can not be drawn or pulled back “in” from or “to” your Exemption Account Hub. NOT the “original” signed instruments. Nor the paper Federal Reserve Notes. Not possible. Not how it works.

How it actually works…

It seems there is an awful lot of talk lately about “private banking” or being a “private banker.” Unfortunately, that is just a terminology and expression of words others on the Internet (such as the websites we have warned you about) seem to be trying to make reference to so as to exploit people whom are less familiar with such terminology. Just as they attempt to mimic and poach The Redemption Service by pretending to be something similar. Take note, that in all actuality, what we are now revealing to you here and now today – ALL of this – has nothing to even do with “private banking” or being a “private banker.” Nothing at all!

BEWARE of Anyone (especially Online) or on any of the above mentioned websites or other platforms) Whom use the words “private banker” or “private banking” – in relationship to operating as a secured party or sovereign.

When they showboat the words “private banker” or “private banking” – this is just a hollow attempt by these individuals to hi-jack prestigious yet uncommon words – words having an uncommon or unfamiliar terminology with the average person – and these manipulators present themselves as specialists whom specialize in such field(s). But by attempting such a lame and futile gimmick – where they think they can outsmart people – instead they expose themselves for the counterfeits that they really are. They demonstrate to you how they don’t actually comprehend the true actual terminology of what a private banker or private banking even actually is. They talk about what they clearly do not even comprehend. At ALL! Not even close!

Private Bankers and Private Banking – what it actually means. These are career fields. Private bankers are more-or-less banking advisors whom are employed at banks, investment banks and wealth management firms. They are personal financial advisors for wealthy people whom wish to invest their capital in a more diversified way across various institutions. Private bankers’ average yearly income is $70,000.

Again, anyone out there, especially these other websites, whom try to grandstand these “private banker” words, language and terminology – while they promote themselves as being anything similar to what The Redemption Service is. You can be clear on the obvious here… that they are only taking words completely out of context – and “parroting” these words (that most people are unfamiliar with)… because they KNOW that you are unfamiliar with these actual definitions and terminology.

The real, true, proper language that applies here… is called “Elevated Banking.” But clearly involves “Private” Law. We call this “Private Law and Elevated Banking.” In this realm, you are actually moving as a “co-creator” and “banking partner” and or “banking partnership”… and a “banking association” with those entities from which you co-created these bonds with in the first place. Co-creation! You!

These are simply the terminology, phrases and language that best describe this, and are a far more accurate description. It is not wholly “private.” Nor are those CLAIMING such… claiming to be “private bankers.” If they don’t “get” the proper description and they can’t even articulate upon the actual language and terminology, as far as banking and accounting actually goes… only reveals what is quite obvious. That what they are peddling are nothing more than deliberately exaggerated claims and a complete, intended misrepresentation of words and terminology. These swindlers are clearly misrepresenting themselves, who they are, what they are… along with all of their other fabrications and falsehoods. They are simply just immoral, dishonorable, and pathetic individuals attempting to hustle you and exploit your unfamiliarity.

Moving on…

No! You can NOT draw funds from those instruments that are OUT THERE.

But, YES! You CAN draw (or pull) “in” and return your energy (Your credit) back into an account. This is where it gets interesting. This is what makes you a co-creator. A banking association, a banking partnership, if you will.

In Your new partnership, as we recognize it, you take advantage of options available to you that are not generally known or talked about ANYWHERE else in the public or on the Internet.

What You “create” – ALL that is created, monetized, and extends OUT from your wet ink signature… is 100% completely recoverable by You. WHEN you take a seat in that cock pit, that helm, Your Hub (Your “EA”) and you begin to operate the levers. You begin to pull the strings and crank the machine. As your machine cranks it draws and pulls back in to “You”… Something?

What you are able to Draw back in and Pull back in… is Yours! Was created by You! But it is NOT just only 100% when it RETURNS back to your account. How about 200%? And then you use it… you deplete it… and in doing so you put it BACK out there again. Only to Draw it BACK in again… over and over, again and again. It just keeps repeating, recycling. You “use it” and so you deplete it, and thus put it OUT there… You Pull it Back IN. You “use it” and so Put it OUT there… You Pull it Back IN… then OUT… then IN… OUT… IN… again and again… over and over. Just keep repeating. And so, the expansion of it is STILL there. You get to take full advantage of that, as well. More expansion! Your expansion! Your Personal growth and expansion!

Only one catch! Being that these are not the actual Notes that are out there floating around somewhere. Therefore, you are not pulling in those actual Notes, nor any actual Notes. Therefore, what Does actually come back… can NOT be PUT back into just ANY general bank account. That’s a No! No! because it is NOT notes that are being pulled back in and returning to you. But it CAN be drawn and returned and put into a bank account. Just not ANY bank account.

So what is this “Something” that we are referring to here above? That Something that you Draw upon, that you Pull BACK to you? That Something… is what we shall now pause here upon and reserve for a future conversation. Up until this point today, this information… these following 11 reveals listed here again below, that we just revealed HERE on this page for the first time EVER in the entire history of the Internet… in reference to…

  • There are multiple accounts (not just One!)
  • The Bicycle wheel and spokes (example)…
  • The central Hub…
  • The Title (“Exemption Account”) reference (“EA”) of this (Your) central Hub
  • Operating from this (Your) central Hub…
  • Pulling something (Your Energy) back in to You.
  • Pulling this Something back into your control at 200% its original issue.
  • Using this something up and “depleting” it.
  • Thus Putting it back OUT there.
  • Then Pulling it BACK in to You.
  • Repeating this continuous fluctuation and cycle of… IN… OUT… IN… OUT growth and expansion.

These 11 reveals listed here above are just a fraction of this further conversation. With the exception of the “Exemption Account” – of which is mentioned or referred to many times on the Internet . Other than mention of the “Exemption Account,” up until today these above 11 reveals had never been talked about ANYWHERE else on the entire Internet. That is, with the exception of brief, limited mentions of the “Exemption Account.”

We want to keep it that way, for now!

It is vital that we hold off displaying what that something is here for the time being, at least for the time being. This grants us time to observe the progression of our information here and evaluate if others online try to pick this up from off from this page and try to run with it as if they are “in the know” with it or they attempt to hi-jack this newly revealed info and attempt to make it their own.

For now, for the time being. Keep in mind… all of the following…

The Secured Private Title Bond Process completely reverses this crippled legal state for You.

The Secured Private Title Bond Process puts You in Legal/Lawful control over the legal entity.

The Secured Private Title Bond Process reconstructs and recasts the DEBTOR as Your Debtor.

You can process and enforce real “Rights” in and out of these courts without an attorney.

Completely eliminate actions brought upon you from adverse/hostile parties.

Transfer Your positive credit through Your DEBTOR as negative credit (Debt) to Reverse Debt.

Convert Your debt (“itself”) into wealth.

Your Birth Certificate is worth a vast Fortune.

You CAN monetize your Birth Certificate! It was ALREADY monetized.

Drawing Funds on Your BC… is both a Yes and No answer.

Offset/Setoff Debt by way of Discharge.

Charge Debt back by way of Chargeback.

Zero Out Debt through Specialized Acceptance.

Reverse Debt by way of Return.

Cancel Debt by way of Counterclaim.

But also keep in mind… the following, as well…

You were “Pledged” as the Collateral for Your Birth certificate.

You were listed as Collateral ON Your Birth Certificate.

You are STILL listed as the Collateral ON Your Birth Certificate.

You are presently AT RISK of serious consequences should you continue in this state.

You, Your Family/Chidren, are AT RISK of serious chaotic circumstances in this state.

You are presumed to be property.

You are considered bankrupt (with no rights).

You are presently considered a bankrupt indentured servant (slave).

You are Bound to these present Chains and Enslavement until you break free from it.

You/Your Family/Your Children will remain like this UNTIL you decide to change it.

You will NOT change anything if you fail to choose and you remain “Undecided.”

Indecision is Dishonor of Yourself and Your Family. Undecided, you are playing “small.”

Playing “small” is to play with You and Your family’s present lifestyle and entire FUTURE.

Your BC is one of those “spokes” on that wheel… means You are that “spoke.”

You can NOT operate from the cock pit of that Hub Until You are in the “seat” of it.

You can NOT take seat and operate in that cock pit Until you reverse the backward direction of your crippled state of sovereignty and become the Man or Woman that you ARE. That you were always meant to Be!

After today. After ALL THIS! By now you likely feel a very strong tug pulling at you… your life already calling for you to make a decision. You are either going to play small, and remain small. Or you are going to make a decision. Your ONLY other option, is to make a definite decision and do the opposite of what you’ve been doing. So, if you’ve been playing small, then you already KNOW that you’ve been playing small. You already know this! If so, this means your only obvious decision, is to decide… and to decide Now! To play BIG!

When you decide to go for it, and you decide to play BIG, then you can join us as we turn this around and reverse this backward direction that you and your life have been traveling. Traveling, yet going nowhere; but in a reverse backwards direction. You’ve always had the choice. But you didn’t know you had a choice. Therefore you were unable to make such a move. But now you know you have a choice. Now you know your choices. You have but only 2 decisions from which to make. You can only make one of these decisions and you already know which one that is. One is Life and Light; the other is stagnation, darkness, imprisonment, slavery. Rather, “death!”

So, it is Obvious! Which is your choice? Which is your Decision? Which will be Your Destination? Which Decision do you make Here and Now?

1. Decision: Blue Pill: You either make no choice – at all – and you remain right where you are at, and you play small. This means that you remain in the world of foreign jurisdiction, admiralty and administrative, that of corporate, statutes and codes. You remain in debt, and as a debtor… you remain a slave and you hold your own family and loved ones hostage to remain on the plantation with you as slaves. You remain, you stay, and you play in that world of administrative and codes. Entangled in them as you choke… is how you’ll stay and play, and how you will live as you grow old. You and your family condemned forever, by YOUR incompetent, Dishonorable choice to just sit there and fold.

2. Decision: Red Pill: You make the choice to “make a choice!” You make the choice to break free from your chains. Meaning, you’ve made the Ultimate choice! You’ve made the choice to Play BIG! Now you are open to join us… provided you are serious and you are clearly the Honorable type. Because, there is honor in making choices, honor in making immediate decisions. But there is no honor in “indecision”. Being indecisive is dishonorable. You dishonor your own confidence, thus you dishonor yourself. You dishonor your whole entire family, and you dishonor others as well. That’s not in any way honorable and dishonor is not what we want here.

But when you make a decision to play BIG, and go for it, and you go for it because you are “all in.” Well, surely, that is truly sincere honor in and of itself. But when you decide to play BIG… You’ve chosen to take a new route, a new journey. The journey is the journey of a life time. It is a journey of new Discovery. of Transformation. The Transformation from living a meaningless life to living a Lifestyle of Legal/Lawful and Financial Empowerment. Oh what a choice! Because, when you decide to play BIG and you’ve chosen total Transformation and Empowerment. You’re on your way! Homeward bound! Being empowered, is to be Complete! To be complete is to have found your way back home. And… always remember, that… There’s No Place Like Home

So… to that we say to You, “Get Out of the Matrix Now!”
Endeavor to “Master” the Legal/Law and the Debt/Money Matrix(s) Now!

Say “Yes” to Transformation!

Say “Yes” to Empowerment!

Say “Yes” to The Secured Private Title Bond Process!

Say “Yes” to Become a Secured Private Citizen!

Say “Yes” to Private Law and Elevated Banking!

Say “Yes” to Playing BIG!

The Redemption Service was the first EVER to appear online as an answer to all this. We are a full-fledged Service.

We reverse these present day conditions and restraints on our members’ personal freedoms and convert these restraints into their total Liberty and Empowerment, and we further cultivate their Growth and Expansion as loyal members within our Tribe.

We further provide our members with the Processes, Tools and Techno-How to “Master” over this Legal Matrix via Private Law (and reference of United States Code, particularly the “Unifom Commercial Code”). We guide our members to also “Master” (via Elevated Banking) over this bankrupt Debt-induced, Debt created fractional-reserve, credit-based banking system. Members are then clearly able to master this entire system and thus vastly and rapidly elevate their Lifestyle and Success.

You can liberate yourself and your loved ones, acquire maximum liberty and freedom, and gain vast wealth and success, when you are elevated above and beyond your present legal status. It begins with a process of transformation we have long perfected, that we have down to a science, master professionally, and enforce for our private members, known as the “Secured Private Title Bond Process.”

Our Secured Private Title Bond Process is the first True-North “Road to Redemption,” down that same road also known as… Private Law and Elevated Banking. We do not play “small” here in The Redemption Service. DEBTORS play, and live, small. Here in The Redemption Service we PLAY BIG. We Play the Game of what is known as Private Law and Elevated Banking via the Secured Private Title Bond Process to Become and Live as Secured Private Citizens.

All though today we’ve touched upon what The Redemption Service is, we’ve hardly scratched the surface. Continue exploring our pages as you discover much of what exists within.

Your quest with us shall be for you to adventure to:

  • Dive in even deeper to discover the treasures known as mastery over the Legal/Law Matrix.
  • Unlock the mystery of the mastery over the Debt/Money Matrix.

Private Membership with us, means to unlock our highly protected gates…
be welcomed in… and step inside and become a memeber with us in our Circle… and thus reach inside and clench our Private Law and Elevated Banking perfected concepts… (provided you are what we are looking for and meet our certain, specific expectations). If so… you can be clear on your near future transition from that of DEBTOR collateral legal entity (slave)… to that of Secured Private Citizen (the highest elevation of citizen status possibly obtainable).

Provided you are what we are looking for. You are a good fit. Right now this New Year 2024 is the most perfect time, the BEST time EVER to gain access to our incredible Private Membership and become what we are finally on the verge of – a MASSIVE implementation – of assisted growth, elevation and expansion over these next coming months clear into 2025 and beyond.