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Package 3: MATRIX Redemption User Disc
Click the image
Click the image
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Package 3: MATRIX Redemption User Disc
: $1,500.00

The Redemption Service...


Entry And Advanced Level Redemption User Library Tool-Kit on compact disc.


Available On 4.7 Gig Compact Disc...

Do the complete process from A to Z. The ENTIRE process!

It's All Here! All Instructions From A To Z. Prepare Your Papers, Establish Your Fundamental Documents, Do The Filings, And Thus Lien Up Your Strawman & Account, Your Birth Certificate, Driver's License, SSN, Your Bank Accounts, All Titles And Contracts Which Include Your Name & Identification... As Well As Your Home, Automobile, All Other Property, And All Other Titles, Contracts And Invisible Contracts (unknown contracts) Which Include Your Name and Identification. Followed By Further Preparation And Execution Of A Chargeback Process To Chargeback The Birth Certificate To The Strawman Account And Thus "Charge Up" The Strawman Debtor UCC Contract Trust Account For Doing All Future Discharges And Chargebacks To, With And From The Strawman Debtor Account. Become A Secured Party Creditor! Become Unalienable! (Un-a-Lien-able): Nobody can Lien Your Name or Property; Not even police agencies! Become Dangerous! OWN Your Title And Debt Information Now!

4.7 Gig Compact Disc.





One Very Powerful Disc!


Entire Do It Yourself kit.

Entirely 100% legal to do.

and All Up-To-Date...

Everything is all here on a 4.7 Gig compact disc. Complete with forms and instructions.

Take back your identity from the local, state and federal governments.

A "USER LIBRARY" with actual "TOOLS" for not only becoming a Secured Party Creditor (from A to Z / Start to finish), but more specifically, for handling and conducting ALL of your future legal and financial affairs AS a Secured Party Creditor. Also includes hundreds of educational reading resources and over 150 hours of audio files. Truly one great Tool kit, as well as an educational/training source.

Any type legal or financial situation that you could ever possibly encounter!

Use the information on this dvd Disc to "chargeback" or "discharge" all of the following:

    • Traffic tickets
    • Taxes
    • Fines
    • Liens, levies
    • Legal Notices
    • Foreclosures
    • Credit card debt
    • Utility bills
    • Secured loans
    • Unsecured loans
    • Other type loans
EVERYTHING needed to become a Secured Party Creditor, do Chargebacks, Discharges, other UCC Processes, and handle ALL of your legal and financial affairs through your commercial Debtor as a newly established SECURED PARTY CREDITOR!
Eliminate traffic tickets, taxes, IRS liens & levies, auto repossesions, bank foreclosures, credit card debt, debt collections, more...

POWER PACKED!... with all of the latest and most Advanced UCC, Law, Tort, and Redemption related Tools EVER - not available anywhere else! This Package has it ALL!


A Massive Took Kit All On Compact Disc.

An Entire Redemption User-Library At Your Fingertips When Needed.

Everything is all here for you on a 4.7 Gigs Compact Disc. complete with thousands of forms and instructions. Also includes Hundreds of reading resources, and over 150 hours of audio files to listen to.

Take back your identity from the local, state and federal governments.

Eliminate traffic tickets, taxes, IRS liens & levies, auto repossesions, bank foreclosures, credit card debt, debt collections, more.

Truly one great educational/training source.

These are the most extremely effective Legal Tools ever assembled and made available in one package! This is the #1 LARGEST, most up-to-date, most advanced, most sought after Redemption package in the USA today! Any serious minded Patriot American, seriously considering becoming a Secured Party need ask themselves one question: "Do you sincerely want to learn, live (and operate) as a Secured Party Creditor?"  This package is vital to your operating as a Secured Party Creditor experience and contains much needed instructions, forms and tools critical for doing various types of process for when and as you operate through the Uniform Commercial Codes and do all other types of Redemption related processes as a Secured Party Creditor.

Enter The Matrix! (a 7 CD-Rom Redemption Resource Utopia)

When you first enter this "Matrix" you will soon realize why we named it so! Its sheer SIZE, MASSIVE COMPILATION and its awesome CONTENT makes it seem like as if you have entered another world. It's obvious why we named it the "Matrix"! We formatted seven (7) CD-Roms totaling over 4.2 gigabytes of information, instructions, forms, documents, and over 150 Hours of audio files... onto a 4.7 Gigs Disc. This Disc is just POWER PACKED with all of the latest and most advanced UCC, Law, Tort, and Redemption related Tools EVER - This is not available anywhere else! This package definitely has it ALL!

The Matrix Loaded

Our "Matrix" Disc is clearly a "personal legal survival package" remedy for such a politically incorrect legal system. This "guerilla" legal kit will rescue you from legal or financial doom! Each CD (each seven sections) of this Disc each contains a primary specific area of subject-matter. Including:

  • Do It Yourself "How To" information for becoming a Secured Party Creditor (as like our Package 2) - including all forms and instructions. Note: This Disc does not include our new "Secured Private Title Bond" Process® (Package 4).

  • UCC & Redemption "Basic" Education.

  • UCC & Redemption "Advanced" Education.

  • Do It Yourself "How To" educational information, instructions & forms for doing "chargebacks" (such as "charging back" a traffic ticket or other governmental legal notice back to the officer/agency that wrote/issued it to you).

  • Do It Yourself "How To" educational information, instructions & forms for "discharging" (such as "discharging" a legal notice, fine, lien, debt, etc.).  

Use the information available on this Disc to "chargeback" or "discharge" all of the following:

  • Traffic tickets
  • Taxes
  • Fines
  • Liens, levies
  • Legal Notices
  • Foreclosures
  • Credit card debt
  • Utility bills
  • Secured loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Other type loans
  • Both criminal/civil complaints or "charges" (Charge "back" the "charges" or dis-Charge them altogether).

You can even chargeback or discharge a court sentence. Our Matrix disc will teach you how to handle yourself proficiently in any court and any police encounter or traffic stop. Learn how to use bonds to "bond" the Judge, court, officers, or bond the code or statute itself.  

The Ultimate Credit Repair System in Existence! (Nothing Compares!)

This tool is your greatest means available for total complete credit repair - practically overnight! Use this powerful source upon any credit bureaus, credit reporting agencies or anyone else attempting to hold your credit record hostage by using, reporting or making available to the public information that includes YOUR commercial debtor Strawman corporate title. Watch just how fast they drop YOUR information from their records.

Drop Dead Bill Collectors!

Same with Bill collectors! This DVD includes scripts that you can simply, practically read over the phone to them modified with your personal information when they call you. That's it! They will hang up and never call you again! That simple! Or, if a letter from them, simply place the CD Disc into your computer tray, bring up the appropriate file already formatted as a template letter, modify it by entering your information, and mail it off to them via registered signature confirmation mail. That's all! No more letters from them ever again. As a matter of fact, you may even get an apology letter from them for having disturbed (harassed) you in the first place! Or another way you can handle them is "Accept it (any of their debt letters) for Value" and return it to them for discharge, settlement and closure.

Can You Pass This Simple Little Redemption Quiz?

  • The signature lines on your checking account "Checks" where you SIGN AT: Is that a line, or is that line actually "words" in micro-print? Hint: Get out a magnifying glass, or microscope and very closely examine the signature line on your checking account checks.
  • If the signature lines on your checking account checks are really actually Words (in microprint), then what do the words say, what do they communicate, and why are they there??? (three questions in one)
  • Is it actually "unlawful" for a bank to loan money at interest?
  • Is it actually "unlawful" for a bank to even loan money at all?
  • What are, at least, 5 different ways you can answer a Notice from the IRS, or a collection agency, which completely reverses the ball game on them and forces them to have to answer YOUR questions or default into a Dishonor?
  • What is a "Dishonor" and why is it so feared and dreaded by attorneys, banks, and government agencies?
  • What is a "Banker's Acceptance" and who can do them?
  • Are Banks acting pursuant to Common Law or the Uniform Commercial Codes in all of their transactions?
  • Is there a financial side to all legal and court proceedings, and if so can you discharge (thus pay off) the financial side of that proceeding and therefore terminate it and bring it to a complete close?
  • What is the first thing you must do when the government freezes Your bank account?
  • What is the first thing you must do when the IRS files a Lien on your assets at a local court house?

Become "Bulletproof" Before Any Troubles Begin; Not After!

It's a very sad thing for anyone to lose their home to a foreclosure, or even their car to a repossession. When they come for your belongings they show no mercy! There are three things that you can do "TODAY" to ensure that this never happens to you! First and foremost: Become a Secured Party Creditor! As soon as possible! This is crucial! Every day people get into situations, such as becoming incarcerated, and they find themselves scrambling to become a Secured Party while in jail undergoing a prosecution. Don't procrastinate and put off becoming a Secured Party until sometime later. Get it done and out of the way so that if or when such circumstances comes... you are in the GREATEST POSITION POSSIBLE to instantly deal with IT or with "ANYTHING" thrown at you. Second: Study and advance your learning as much as possible. The more you know the better! Knowledge is Power! It will become your greatest weapon and your greatest advantage over the opposing side - along with your UCC Secured Party Creditor status. Such a POWERFUL combination! Third: Create and record your own personal file at your local court house. There are different combinations of files that you can create and record with your county recorder. When the time comes, all you need is the file number and you can readily access your "file" of documents and information. These files are not files that you "register" with the court house; but rather, you are only going to 'record' them there - for purposes of making them available to serve them as public recorded documents upon those that would dare attempt to cause a trepass or other injury or harm upon you. Your best Insurance Policy, therefore, is to become Bulletproof! Be well prepared and fully protected for when that dreaded day comes; not after!

Dramatically Multiply Your Legal Power and Financial Gain With These Tools, System and Process!

You will dramatically increase your legal power, as well as your financial gain from the information and knowledge available to you on this Disc. Yet, there are some that seek this disc and information not because they are patriotic and dedicated to fighting the new world order control and manipulation of the bankers as a means to save their property from being stolen away by these predators. Rather, there are some who learn of this information and seek it out to use for their own selfish and greedy purposes of accumulating and gaining excessive amounts of property. That was not what we originally planned when we first made this available to the public and of course is not what we mean when we offer this as a way for you to dramatically increase your legal power and financial gain! For someone to use this legal technology of chargeback to secure a car, or perhaps a badly needed tractor, a machine, or farm tool of some sort, or relinquish household bills, or to relinquish themselves of a serious debt, is one thing! But for someone to use this as a "get rich quick" apparatus and go out and acquire 10 fancy expensive sports cars was never what we had in mind in making this available. You are now aware of an unorthodox system in place such as exists and you have the tools available, the knowledge available, and therfore the means available, for you to access your Strawman Account, that has existed all your life, has been there since the time you were born - originally created from your birth certificate - as a way for you to tender payment of your Strawman's debts and obligations from this federal treasury account. Use it to increase your lifestyle and so that all your needs are met. But use it conservatively and morally, based upon your needs; not some desire to get filthy rich with it.

This Compact Disc enables you to study and learn a GREAT deal, and at great length if you so choose and decide to do so. Learn all or most of these tools and system. Unless, of course, you are in an urgent situation and face extreme legal consequences such as incarceration or a foreclosure. Many (even most) of the remedies available herein that involve an opposing side trying to "seize the vessel" (Lien or attach debt to your Strawman), can be immediately and easily dealt with - with 100% success on your part, and often with minimal study - if and when it involves most situations such as this described. This is because attorneys, judges and government agents/agencies would much rather avoid confrontations with those that have taken control of and secured their individual Strawman corporate body and account. Remember one thing, you can not sue the government - as it has certain immunities as a sovereign entity. But nor can they sue a living, breathing common law man or woman, whom are themselves Sovereign! But you can sue any attorney, judge or government agent outside of their official capacity under the common law. Meaning that you can sue them and hold them accountable as a man or woman instead of as a corporate body (in their corporate capacity or their Strawman capacity). Now on the other hand, when it is not an extreme stuation you are faced with, and it is one where you just wish to relinquish debt, then we do recommend that you set aside time and committ to some study first before you just rush off and begin using this system and tools to obtain things with. 

This Disc has EVERYTHING you could possibly need to take back control (and KEEP control) of your life, your property, your finances, and your future! Here is a brief example of the information this Disc contains:

Seven (7) CD-Roms of information on One (1) DVD-Rom:

1. Redemption Identity/UCC Secured Party Process

2. Law

3. Credit & Debt

4. Taxes: Federal and State

5. Common Law Database

6. Right to Property

7. Right to Travel

1. Redemption Identity/UCC Secured Party Process: UCC-1 Finance Statement, UCC-1Ad, UCC-3/Amendment, Security Agreement, Power of Attorney, Hold Harmless Agreement, Copywriting the Strawman, Certifying Service, and all other UCC Basic Education and Instructions for becoming a secured party. Doing Counter Demands, handling County Recorders, Expatriation, Repatriation, Silver Bonds, Accomplishing tasks without a Social Security Number, Being hired without SSN, opening up a bank account without SSN, and much, much MORE!...

Basic Steps
Security Agreement
Power Of Attorney
Copyrighting the Strawman
UCC1 Informational
UCC3 Amendment
Birth Certificate
AFV Stamp
Cover Letter/Sec. of Treasury
Bill of Exchange
Certificate of Service
Copyright Name
Copyright Strawman
Trade Name
Private Agreement
UCC Security Agreement
Power of Attorney
Hold Harmless And Indemnity Agreement
U.C.C Article 3 - ?3-501
Administrative Remedy (5 Files)
Memorandum Of Law And Points Of Authority
Demand Notice
Counter Demand
UCC 5 Correction Information
UCC Article 8
UCC Article 9
Invisible Contracts
Citizen & Sovereignty
Expatriation Act of 1868
Private Banking
Bank Accounts (52 Pages)
Federal Reserve Notes (27 Pages)
National I.D./Real ID
NO SSN (Exhaustive: 64 Files)
Right to Privacy
County Recorder
How to Sign Signature
Silver Bond (Hot!)
UCC Documents
Zip Codes
Maternity Act of 1921

This course contains "many" hours of
Audio Seminars from all The big names
of the Patriot movement.

2. Law: Tons of literature on Law and the governement structure, and all related literature including specific Acts, Cases, laws, and such. Endless files of information. Practically a law library within itself!

Pleadings Library:
(Very Exhaustive! An entire Law Library within itself!)
Administrative Authority
Adversary Proceedings
Application to Reopen
Change of Venue
Civil Litigation
Declaratory Judgment, Fed
Declaratory Judgment, State
Disqualifying Judges
Enforcing Judgments
Federal Appeals
Federal Habeas
Federal Jury Instructions
Federal Tort claim
Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)
In Camera
In Forma Pauperis
Injunctive Relief
Judges Investigating Judges
Judicial Notice, Federal
Judicial Notice, State
Jury Instructions, State
Lis Pendens
Memorandum of Law
Motion for Default Judgment
Motion for Summary Judgment
Motion to Compel
Motion to Dismiss
Motion to Stay
Motion to Strike
Motion to Vacate a Void Judgment
Petition to Vacate a Void Judgment
Motions in Limine
Notice of Appeal, Federal
Oral Arguments
Pre-Trial Conferences
Public Notice
Quiet Titles
Quo Warranto
Rehearing, Federal
Rehearing, State
Request for Admissions
Responding to Discovery
Response to Injunction
Response to Motion for Summary Judgment
Response to Motion to Dismiss
Response to Motion to Sanction
State Appeals
State Habeas
State Pretrial Pleadings
State Trial Witness List
Suing Lawyers
Suing the IRS
Void Conviction
Void Judgment Law
Void Judgments, Bankruptcy
Voluntary Dismissal
Witness and Exhibit List
Writing to Lawyers
Writing to Public Officials
Examples of the Court Fraud Racket, Generally
An Example of Racketeering by the Bar
Proper Federal Indictment Procedure
Book on Law (209 Pages)
Court Cases
14th Amendment
Unconstitutional 14th Amendment
United States Incorporated
Why People Lose Summary Judgements
Admiralty & Commercial Law
Mythological License to Practice law
Should I hire an attorney
The Original 13th Amendment
Bouvier's Law Dictionary
Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Ed.
Common Law Database (HOT!)
Bill of Rights
Magna Carta
Encountering Law Enforcement
Going to Court (EXTREMELY HOT ITEM!)

    Court Tricks and Traps
    Court Survival Guide (54 Pages)
    Secrets of the Legal Industry (204 Pages)
    Special Appearance
    Negative Averment
    Void Judgements (15 Files/Many Examples)
    ...these above and much More!
Habeas Corpus
Jury Duty Booklet
Oath of Office
    (7 Files: Including "Bonding Their Oath")
Requests for Information
Supreme Court
Tax Court
Administrative law
Administrative Claim for Damages
Application of Commercial Law
Citizenship and Roman Law
Criminal Tax Manual (Exhaustive! 1,288 Pages)
Deciphering Legal Citations
Due Process of Law
Emergency Doctrine
Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) Handbook (374 Pages)
Items for a Tort Draft
The Jail House Lawyers Handbook (113 Pages)
Judge Complaint Form
Law Club Course (350 Pages)
Maxims of Commerce
Maxims of Law
Common Law Court
Sui Juris
Notice to Public Officials
Notice to Public Servants
Our American Common Law
Police Use of Lies
Preserving Error (57 Pages)
Pro Se Handbook (139 Pages)
Essay on The Law
Sovereigns vs Commercial Courts
The Bar Treaty of 1947
The Hiearchy of the Law
The Oath that Nullifies
Theory of Common Law

3. Credit & Debt: Everything on on Secured Debt TERMINATION!, and much, much MORE! Use this Information to "Stop them dead in their tracks!" Tons of really "HOT" information too much for us to detail here. Tons of literature on Law and the governement structure, and all related literature including specific Acts, Cases, laws, and such. Endless files of information. Practically a law library within itself!

Acceptance to Contract
Bank Letters
Federal Reserve Routing Numbers
ABA Check Info
Bank Loan Fraud Advisory
Bank Presentment for Copy
Bank Symbols
Banking Share
Billions-for-the-Bankers (Book)
Modern-Money-Mechanics (Book)
Secrets-of-the-Federal-Reserve (Book)
Domestic Correspondent Bank Account Directory
Handling Banks & County Recorders
How to Research Financial Institutions
Little Banking Secrets
Secrets of the Federal Reserve
Occult Technology Power
Patriot Act and Banks
Private (Closed) Accounts
The Rothschilds
The Bankers Manifesto 1892
Surety Bonds
Wire Transfer Info
Collection Response Letters
?? 14 Files: (with instructions)
Credit Card Validation:
    First Debt Validation
    Debt Sold to Third Parties
Credit History & Repair
    19 Files: Including:
         The Credit Repair Manual
         Secrets of Credit Repair [and building]
         Self Cradit Repair
         Much More...
Handling Creditors
Answer and Counter Claim
Affidavit in Support-Petition to Stay
Credit Disclosure Statement
Letter of Undertaking - Bond
Notice By Written Communication

Private Administrative Process (HOT!)
Private Administrative Process Discharge of Debt (HOT!)
Request for Admissions
Response to First Notice
Debt Collectors
Debt Collector Letters
Acceptance to Contract Debt Collector Demand Letter
Directions Acceptance to Contract
Debt Collector Disclosure Statement
Affirmative Defences
(Very Good!)
Answering a Complaint
Arbitration Agreements
FDCPA Case Law (5 Awesome Cases)
Case Law Collection
Challanging Personal Jurisdiction
Fair Debt Collection Practices Information for Consumers
How to Answer a Complaint
Poor Man's Lawsuit Against Creditors and Credit Bureaus
UCC Elements of a Contract
Secured Debt
Answer and Counter Claim
Affidavit - Failure of Consideration
Bank Discovery
Deposit Demand
FDIC Complaint
Notice of Reconveyance
Unsecured Debt
Demand to Cease and Desist Collection Activities (Hot!)
Request for Validation (Hot Item! Important!)
Terminating Unsecured Debt
Deposition - Written Questions (model)
Interogatories (model sample)
Request for Admission (model sample)
Respondent's Private, International, Adminstrative Remedy Demand
???? (VERY HOT item! Includes "Notice By Written Communication")
Discharge of Debt
Discharge of Public Debt (24 Pages: Includes "Certificate of Dishonor")
Discharge By Bond:

???? (ALL of these below are HOT!)
???? Child Support Bond
        Foreclosure Bond
        Property Tax Bond
        Income Tax Bond (6 Files)
        Credit Card Bond
        Credit Card Bond Package
        Traffic Ticket Bond
Enforcing a Bond (14 Files: Includes "True Bill Commercial Lien")
Handling Phone calls (Phone Scripts for Use with "Collectors")
Terminate Credit Card Debt Yourself - 1
Terminate Credit Card Debt Yourself - 2

(Hot! Mega File Here! Ruin Somebody's lawsuit against you!
This will work with ANY Lawsuit and not just those brought upon from debt.)
???? Answer Counterclaim
        Optional Acceptance to Contract
        Objection to proceedings
        Answer to Interogatories
        Motion to Vacate Judgment
        Reply on Judgment Demand
        RICO lawsuit
Mortgage Termination Package (Massive Compilation of 18 Files!)
Tacit Procuration
Affidavit of Walker Todd
Secret Banker's Manual (75 Pages)
Truth In Lending Act
Truth In Lending Act Handbook (107 Pages)
Unsecured Debt Resolution
VACN (Verified Actual and Constructive Notice)
Credit card Contract Rejection
Demand for Clarification

Discharge of Public Debts (39 Pages) Hot!
Fair Credit Billing Act
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Fair Credit Collection Practices
History of Lawful Gold And Silver Legal Tender
Letter to Terminate Bank Accounts
Statue of limitations for Debts
Truth In Lending Act
Violations List
(Nice Tool!)

4. Taxes: Federal and State: How to handle Taxes both Federal and State, Two(2) ways to do Returns to get all your money back from the Prior year, How to do an Income Tax "Statement" as compared with doing a "Return." One of the sample Income Tax Statements is a 38 page "MASTERPEICE" (as well as an entire course within itself), Many MP3 Audio seminars on IRS, State Tax, Agencies and how to deal with them, How to stop Withholding, How to get your Masterfile decoded, How to handle Notices, Liens and Levis, How to do a Reliance Defense, How to handle an IRS Summons, and much, much MORE!...

5. Common Law Database: You read that correctly! An entire database of common law, consisting entirely of Common Law. This is a MASSIVE database ("DATABASE!") of information and literature on the Common Law. Need we say more? A MUST HAVE for those wanting to know the TRUE Law! The WHOLE Law, and nothing but the TRUE Law!

6. Right to Property: Everything about Allodial Land Titles and Land Patents, Asset Protection, Commercial Liens, Commercial Affidavit, Acceptance for Value, Bills of Exchange, Bonds, Prommissory Notes, How to handle Presentments, how to Respond to Property Taxes, Refusal for Cause, How to do a Security Agreement, and much, much MORE! Not just Land Titles; but covers ALL Titles and all various types of property.

7. Right to Travel: How to handle Traffic stops, Traffic Tickets, Moving Violations, How to handle oneself in Court; including SCRIPTS for handling oneself in court, How to stay out of their Jurisdiction, How to Void Judgements, Bonding someone's Oath of Office, Abatements, Habeas Corpus, and much, much MORE!

The above is but a very brief synopsis of what this Disc package includes. Also includes many letter and document templates for handling various situations. You simply follow the instructions and fill in the blanks (modify with your information) and then print them out and send them off. Just follow the instructions and steps of instructions, fill in and print out documents and send them to their destination. Amazing results! This works with 100% effectiveness PROVIDED THAT YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROPERLY! Everytime! Everything has been continuously updated along the way. When you found this package, you found your your Yellow Brick Road and your way back home! Now you'll have the Brains, the Heart, and the Courage, to make your journey back to Kansas! There's no place like Home! Use The Redemption Service "Matrix" to get OUT of the New World Order MATRIX Now! Forever...

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